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2011 Fantasy Football: NFL Week 10 Last Minute Suggestions

Fantasy Fix is our weekly column where our panel of analysts respond to several fantasy football questions posted by our forum members. Topics will cover general roster questions, start’em sit’em advice, waiver wire pickups, trade questions, and much more. For a chance to have your question featured on this weekly post, sign up for our Fantasy Football Forum and ask us a question.

Forum Question: Which WRs (pick 2) would you start in Week 10, A.J. Green (vs.Pit), Mario Manningham (@SF), Jordy Nelson (vs.Min), or Santonio Holmes (vs.NE)?(view post by llC4ll)

FST_Brent: AJ Green is a must start no matter the match-up – he is that good. Then it is a tough but I agree with Dustin and think Nelson is the play – he is risk reward but with Rodgers he seems to be reward more than not.

FST_Dustin: I have all of these guys as similar this week so this is tough. I want to say to bench Green against PIT, but he has been so solid this year. So I think Green should stay in your lineup. Your WR2 is hard because it will probably come down to 1 pick play. For that reason I am going to go with Nelson. The Vikings give up a ton of yards through the air, and Jordy has had some big games this year. I like Holmes and Manningham as well, but I like Jordy just a little more.

FST_Mike: A.J. Green is definitely one of the two. For the second it is a tough call. I think Manningham’s value is largely dependent on Hakeem Nicks. It sounds like Nicks will be playing this week so I bump Manningham down a notch. So for me, your second is between Nelson and Holmes. Holmes does have a favorable matchup against arguably the worst secondary in the league, but it is hard to bench any receiver on the Packers as good as Rodgers has been playing. So, I’d go with Nelson.

Forum Question: Which WR would you start in Week 10, Mario Manningham (@SF) or Laurent Robinson (vs.Buf)?(view post by spartyfan17)

FST_Brent: Nicks is looking more and more like he will play so Robinson is my play here as well. With Austin out Robinson has looked pretty good and he will get single coverage as the Bills will have to worry about Witten and Dez.

FST_Dustin: Robinson has looked pretty good for the Cowboys and I like his matchup just a little bit more at home vs. BUF. I am going to add this as a pole question on our homepage.

FST_Mike: I think we’re unanimous on this one. It sounds like Nicks is on track to play this weekend so Manningham’s value takes a slight hit. Robinson will step in with Miles Austin out, but I would not expect similar production. I think he’ll still see plenty of targets from Romo and is worth starting over Manningham.

Forum Question: Which RB would you start in Week 10, Marion Barber (vs.Det) or Chris Ogbonnaya (vs.StL)?(view post by VladZlad)

FST_Brent: Ogbonnaya is playing the worst run defense in the NFL and should get the vast majority of the touches. I think he could be in line for a pretty solid week and he is my clear cut selection here

FST_Dustin: Don’t let the amount of carries Barber had last week fool you. He got extra work last week because Forte put the ball on the ground a couple times. Besides the blowout win against the Vikings, he has only been averaging about 5 touches a game. Ogbonnaya has been terrible, but he has a solid matchup and should get plenty of touches.

FST_Mike: Ogbonnaya has a great matchup this week and should see the bulk of the carries for the Browns with Hillis out. While Barber has been a TD vulture for Forte and may be a better bet to score a TD than Ogbonnaya, I still think he is a risky start due to his limited amount of carries. I’d go with Ogbonnaya.

Forum Question: Which WR would you start in Week 10, Jacoby Ford (@SD), Damian Williams (@Car), or Jonathan Baldwin (vs.Den)?(view post by stunnagord)

FST_Brent: If return yards count in your league – Ford, no question about it. If not I would still consider Baldwin – he was targeted two times in the endzone last week, just did not get any. But that means he is a great red zone guy.

FST_Dustin: I do like the upside of all of these guys moving forward, but I would go with Baldwin. I think he is the most talented out of the three, as well as the guy with the best matchup this week. The Broncos give up a ton of points a game, and I think the Chiefs could have a solid game on offense.

FST_Mike: I think Ford is your safest start. I do like the short-term and long-term upsides of both Baldwin and Williams, but I think after a solid Week 9 performance, Ford seemed to be a popular target for Palmer.

Forum Question: Which QB would you start in Week 10, Matthew Stafford (@Chi) or Tim Tebow (@KC)?(view post by kwgraddropreg808)

FST_Brent: If Dustin is going Stafford you have to like his chances. I concur with everything he said and the fact that the Lions are coming off the bye means I like him even more.Tebow can blow up due to his legs but he also has a chance to put up terrible numbers as well.

FST_Dustin: As everyone now knows if you watch our shows I love me some Tebow, but I wouldn’t start him over Stafford this week. Chicago isn’t nearly the shut down D that they used to be, and I think the Lions will be able to put up some points against them. The Bears are giving up close to 400 yards to opposing offenses, and I think Stafford is the much safer play. I do think Tebow has a huge upside this week, but this is a gamble I don’t think I would take. Stafford is the safer play and with Calvin he can go off for crazy points at anytime.

FST_Mike: I think Stafford is definitely the start here. Tebow is a decent fantasy QB due to his rushing yards, but not worth the risk if you have better options like Stafford.

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