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2011 Fantasy Basketball: NBA Draft Guide Round-Up

I’m pretty sure this weekend is going to be mad with fantasy basketball drafts. I’ve got 4 starting on Friday and I just got an email from someone with 3 on Saturday and Sunday. (You can email me yourself at givemetherock [at] gmail ]dot[ com – I’ll pass it along to Erik and Patrick for input as well) So, given that we either need to ignore everything that’s going on and hope for some sort of “beginner’s luck” to take effect or take in as much information as possible and hope we can keep it all straight, here’s some more information!

Give Me The Rock: Give Me The Rock Fantasy Basketball Player Rankings by Tier – It’s that color-coded spreadsheet goodness! Still kind of rough, since we’re adjusting the rankings a bit and will need to update, but the tiers are accurate for at least 75% of the players.

Give Me The Rock: 2011 Fantasy Basketball Draft Guide – This is where we’ve collected (or at least tried to collect) all the 2011 fantasy basketball information that you’ll need to hit the drafts HAM this weekend.

Give Me The Rock: Nene and Richard Hamilton signings

Fake Teams: 6 Excellent Tips for Fantasy Basketball Rookies

Bleacher Report: Fantasy Basketball Rankings 1-50
Bleacher Report: Fantasy Basketball Rankings 51-100
fBasketballBlog: Fantasy Basketball Rankings Top 150

Yahoo Sports: Best Fantasy Players on Bad Teams
Fantasy Smack Talk: Sleepers and Undervalued Players


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