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2011 Fantasy Basketball Guide: 12 NBA Players to Watch

With the NBA season back on Strait Pinkie will be giving insight in to who to pick and who to avoid come draft time. First off, the top 12 Fantasy basketball players.

#1. Kevin Durant OKC SF - 27.7 PTS  7.5 REB 7.0 AST 1.6 STL 92 3PM  2.8 TO

Durant almost averages a triple double every game and the kid can shoot it from distance. Add in the fact that he should get more open looks with Westebrook makes him a clear number one.

#2. Chris Paul NO PG -  15.9 PTS   4.1 REB 9.8 AST 2.2 STL 71 3PM 2.2 TO

Wherever Paul ends up you can bet that he will hand out a lot of assists, while chipping in everywhere else. If he ends up in New York, he could dish out 12 plus assists a game.

#3. Lebron James MIA SF -  26.7 PTS  7.5 REB 7.0 AST 92 3PM 1.6 STl 3.6 TO

James’ overall stats could push him in to the number one spot, especially if the Heat jell offensively. The only reason I downgrade him is because I think he may take a backseat on offense in order to get the ball to Wade and Bosh more.

#4. Russell Westbrook OKC PG –  21.9 PTS 4.6 REB 8.2 AST 34 3PM 1.9 STL 3.9 TO

Westbrook is in the perfect position to be a great fantasy point guard. He racks up a ton of assists thanks to Durant and scores the ball, as well, thanks to Durant spreading the floor and leaving the lane wide open. Expect Westbrook to take another big step forward.

#5. Derrick Rose CHI PG – 25 PTS 4.1 REB 7.7 AST 128 3PM 1.0 STL 3.4 TO

Rose should continue his ascent to being a top fantasy player. Last year he proved that he could shoot it from three and the possible addition of a solid 2-guard could push his assist even higher.

#6. Deron Williams NJ PG – 20.1 PTS 4.0 REB 10.3 AST 105 3PM 1.2 STL 3.5 TO

The questions surrounding Williams’ cast is the main reason he is downgraded this far. It’s quite posisble for him to jump above Westbrook if he gets a couple of capable players surrounding him. Regardless, his constiancy makes him a solid first round pick.

#7. Dwyane Wade MIA SG – 25.5 PTS  6.4 REB 4.6 AST 63 3PM 1.5 STL 3.1 TO

Wade’s style of play is the only reason I downgrade him all the way to seventh. He’s a top three player, but the threat of injuries scare me away a bit.

#8. Kevin Love MIN PF – 20.2 PTS 15.2 REB 2.5 AST 88 3PM .470 FG% .850 FT%

Love once again will be surrounded by a lack of help on the interior which should help him grab a crazy amount of rebounds once again. Also his free throw percentage, field goal percentage and three point ability are very rare for a big man.

#9. Dwight Howard ORL C – 22.9 PTS 14.1 REB 1.4 AST 2.4 BLK .593 FG%

Howard’s ability to get you a large amount of rebounds, blocks, and boost your field goal percentage should provide you with an opportunity to win those categories each week. His lack of assists and terrible free throw percentage will do the opposite.

#10. Monta Ellis GS PG – 24.1 PTS 3.5 REB 5.6 AST 137 3PM  2.1 STL 3.2 TO

You have to love fantasy players like Ellis who play in a wide open offense. He took a major step forward and should be even better with a healthy Curry by his side. Together both should give you a load of points, specifically three pointers.

#11. Amare Stoudemire NY – 25.3 PTS 8.2 REB 2.6 AST 0.9 STL 1.9 BLK .502 FG%

The addition of Carmelo was a nice boost for Stoudemire owners last season. With opposing defense no longer able to focus on him, Stoudemire delivered an even better package of stats for his owners.

#12 Stephen Curry GS SG –  18.6 PTS 3.9 REB 5.8 AST 151 3PM 1.5 STL 3.1 TO

Curry’s ankle problem from last season clearly hurt his production. With an entire offseason to rest, I expect similar numbers from his rookie year. Grabbing him this low will be a steal!


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