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2011 Chicago Bulls News and Notes

By Mike Loszach

With the lockout forcing teams to fit their entire off-season into 3 weeks we’re going to have a lot of news coming breaking in a short period of time. Here is a brief rundown of what is going on today. Feel free to leave some comments, let us know what you think.

  • Caron Butler met with the Bulls this morning. He tweeted that the meeting great. This was the first day that team’s were allowed to talk directly to Free Agents. Following the meeting with the Bulls, Butler flew west to meet with the Clippers. If the Bulls are going to add a Free Agent, Butler appears to be the most likely target. If Butler doesn’t work out, Vince Carter could be a fallback option. He is expected to be waived by the Suns.
  • The regular season schedule will be released in full today; however some nuggets are starting to trickle out. We already knew that the Bulls would open the season on Christmas day in Los Angeles. As expected, the NBA isn’t going to send them out west for one game, so the Bulls will open the season on a road trip. That could be a tough way to open the season. Also, we have learned from Mike Bresnahan, of the LA Times, that the Lakers will not play the Bulls at the UC this year, so Christmas day will be the only time we see Kobe this year until the NBA finals. Single game Bulls tickets go on sale Friday morning.
  • The two Bulls preseason games are set: both against the Indiana Pacers. The two teams will play at Conseco on the 16th and then at the UC on the 20th. No word yet on how many cheap shots the Pacers are planning to take on Derrick Rose.
  • ONIONS! BABY ONIONS! The Bulls have agreed to a 5-year radio extension with WMVP. I don’t listen to them on the radio much, but it seems like Swirski and Wennington do a good job.
  • Vegas has released their odds to win the 2011-2012 NBA Championship. I won’t link the online sportsbook where I am getting this lines from but you all can take my word on this one. The Heat are the clear cut favorite at +235 but the Bulls and Lakers are next in line at +620 (6.2 to 1). The Thunder (+700) and defending champion Mavericks (+950) round out the top 5.

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