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2011-12 NBA Fantasy Basketball Guide: Top Players

Yes, we’ve finally complied our top 150 fantasy players for the 2011-12 season! With stat projections! Just in time for free agency to start and change everything! But in our defense, this crazy shortened timeline didn’t exactly leave us with a lot of time to get things done.

We will continue to update the rankings as free agents are signed and big trades are made (or not), so keep checking in with GMTR. Also, make sure to bookmark our 2011-12 draft guide page where we will compile everything we do over the next few weeks into a single post.

One note about rankings. The stat projections and rankings are (mostly) based on a statistical program that I wrote over the course of a few days that attempts model player performance based on their prior performance, best player comps, minutes played and a few other things. Nels, Erik and I then went in and made some final adjustments based on common sense, or at least what we think is common sense. You may disagree.

Given that I developed this over a very short period of time – it’s rather crude in some areas – but for the most part the results seem to jive with reality. The program does hate a few players (like Kobe Bryant) so there will certainly be some controversial rankings that come out of this. I can already see people questioning our 6th ranked player, for example. But we always love your comments and opinions, so don’t be afraid to hit us up and tell us why you agree or disagree with these rankings.


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