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MMA Fight of the Year 2010: Douglas Frey vs. Joseph Sandoval

We apologize for the delay in continuing our year end awards but as the North Texas fight scene enters a lull we felt it acceptable to continue were we left off.

Fight of the Year (MMA) - Douglas Frey vs. Joseph Sandoval (Steele Cage 3)

Though it may have only lasted a round and a half the action exhibited by Douglas Frey and Joseph Sandoval in their co-featured bout at Steele Cage 3 this past August could have supplied an entire fight card. The Gym's Douglas Frey and Bighead MMA’s Joseph Sandoval engaged in a war, plain and simple.

Things started out at a fever pitch as Frey pounced on Sandoval from the opening bell and utilizing the Muay Thai clinch battered and beat Sandoval around the cage with vicious knee strikes.  However, things soon soured for Frey who seemingly hit a fall in his energy level and Sandoval quickly took advantage. 

With an iron jaw, and a will forged from the same metal, Sandoval rallied back to pepper Frey with a variety of punches. Things continued to favor Sandoval in the second round as Frey tried in vain to take the fight to the ground, Sandoval countered with some deft movement and boxing. A big right hand staggered Frey and the ensuing flurry from Sandoval was all the referee needed to see to call a halt to the bout at 2:24 in the second round.

Fight of the Year (Ammy MMA) – Javier Obregon vs. Michael Lytle (NTUF: Annihilation)

It’s hard to imagine a fight that illustrates all the varied nuances of mixed martial arts as perfectly as the bout between Javier Obregon and Michael Lytle in their North Texas Ultimate Fighting featherweight championship fight this past November. 

Things started out at a blistering pace with Lytle enjoying some success early with some strikes and kicks. But, Obregon would rally back at the end of the round to scores some impressive ground and pound.

The action continued on in the second as Obregon was dropped with a hard shot by Lytle who then tried to capitalize with a guillotine choke. However, Obregon would prove to be all heart as closed out the round hard with some smothering attacks on the ground.

After some explosive action in the third round, both fighters entered the fourth round weary with fatigue. Lytle started out firing some low kicks. Obregon landed a Superman punch but was taken down by Lytle who was looking for the submission. However, Obregon would deftly avoid these attempts and after posturing up unleashed some violent ground and pound that prompted the referee to capture the win and the title.

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