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2010 NFL Football Season Preview

2010 NFL Football Season Preview

With the 2010 NFL season training camps opening is less than a month,
there are more unanswered questions to the upcoming season then there
are days left to answer them. The league is scrambling to resolve issues
and put out fires in a pent up environment that’s ripe for controversy;
will Albert Haynesworth oblige the Redskins new 3-4 defense, will Brett
Favre return to the Vikings, and what draft picks will most affect the
odds? With information being the key to betting, the league seems to
be deliberately testing our collective patience as we wait for what will
become of its most pressing issues.

Perhaps the most controversial question of the upcoming season
revolves around Washington Redskins Defensive Tackle, Albert
Haynesworth. As is the case for many players of his exceptional talent,
Haynesworth is using his reputation as one of the fiercest players in
the league to openly oppose the Redskins’ new defensive format for
the upcoming 2010 football season. The Redskins fear his opposition
to the new defense will cause him to break his contract, or at the very
least, cause him to give less than his full effort come regular season.
Haynesworth, though openly opposed to the new defense, says he will
return to training “on time and in shape.” This issue has Washington
fans in an uproar. Coach Mike Shanahan is openly disappointed with
him, and fellow teammates see his actions as selfish and inexcusable.
Even if Haynesworth decides to play and everything appears fine on the
surface, this controversy will skew the odds for betting on the Redskins
for the entire 2010 season. At this point, many fans would like to see
Haynesworth thrown out of Washington all together; even if it means
more lost talent from a team that’s already struggling to keep its head
above water.

Brett Favre is another focal point of controversy for the upcoming football season. While some people speculate whether or not he’ll
return, most fans are wondering whether his body can take another
year of punishment. Favre was quoted in Men’s Journal as saying that
another year of playing “probably isn’t going to make much difference”
when it comes to his long term health; the damage has already been
done. Despite people’s concerns over his knee, quotes like that make it
seem likely that Favre will return for another season. If he does, the odds
are certainly against him for being able to complete the new season with
his health intact.

The most exciting part of every pre-season is the NFL draft. And this
year, the big winners in the draft were the Seahawks and the Ravens
who came away with great talents such as Earl Thomas and Terence
Cody, respectively. The Raiders traded up their QB JaMarcus Russell
for the Redskin’s QB Jason Campbell, which many consider to be a
good move after Campbell’s lackluster 2009 season. But most fans agree
that the biggest pick was Tim Tebow, who was the 25th overall pick by
the Broncos after they traded their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round draft picks.
That was a HUGE reach for the Bronco’s, and many are wondering if
Tebow can make the transition from college style quarterbacking to the

The statistics are getting rearranged everyday as the questions, drama,
and trades settle into place. But regardless of the many issues the NFL
has to resolve before September, you can bet that these questions will
answer themselves just in time for another great season of football.

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