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2010 NBA Draft Results, Analysis, Winners and Losers (Picks 11-20)

11. New Orleans Hornets – Cole Aldrich, C Kansas

Very reminiscent of Emeka Okafor. Good rebounder and defensive player, a bit of a wild card offensively. You wonder if the Hornets would have been better served going after someone who could be more of an offensive weapon for them.

12. Memphis Grizzlies – Xavier Henry, G Kansas

They said it on the ESPN broadcast and it’s probably true, this is a sign that the Grizzlies expect to part ways with Rudy Gay. A skilled and intelligent player, Henry’s only major weakness is his inconsistency. Nonetheless, this is another sleeper pick.

13. Toronto Raptors – Ed Davis, F North Carolina

Another sign of what a team expects to happen in the future. Looks like Bosh is a goner, and the Raptors are reacting to that by drafting the 6-10 power forward out of North Carolina. Davis was supposed to be a top-5 pick before the season started, but a poor showing and injuries have caused his stock to slip. The Raptors either came out with a future star, or a big bust. Either way, he should at least provide some of the toughness and rebounding that the Raptors never seem to get out of Andrea Bargnani and Hedo Turkoglu.

14. Houston Rockets – Patrick Patterson, F Kentucky

A perfect fit for the Rockets. Patterson has an NBA body and with the type of versatility this guy possess, he should find himself in the Rockets’ rotation in no time. Aside from having a solid post-game, he also learned how to shoot during his last season at Kentucky.

It seems like the latter half of the first round is producing more promising players than the first half did.

15. Milwaukee Bucks – Larry Sanders F, Virginia Commonwealth

The first post-lottery pick adds some much-needed size to the Bucks’ frontcourt. Sanders is an all-around talent that should be a solid production guy for the team for quite a while. The perfect complimentary move to Milwaukee’s big splashes through trades thus far.

16. Minnesota Timberwolves – Luke Babbitt, F Nevada

It’s been said the Wolves didn’t want this pick, though with a Babbitt-like talent, you wonder why. This guy is a good athlete, has a high release for his shot and can be a promising small forward with his size. He is very reminiscent of Mike Dunleavy with his style, except he has a higher ceiling. His biggest weakness will no doubt be on the defensive end.

17. Chicago Bulls – Kevin Seraphin, PF France

The third bad selection of the NBA Draft. I get it, the Bulls are trying to save money, but with so much solid complimentary talent still available, did they really have to go this route? They better get LeBron James this summer, else that team is going to be in a lot of trouble.

18. OKC Thunder – Eric Beldsoe, G Kentucky

Bledsoe is going from the Thunder to the Clippers via trade. This guy is either going to be Russell Westbrook, or JRue Holiday. We’ll see what a year of playing out of position thanks to The Great Wall does to a man’s skill, though.

19. Boston Celtics – Avery Bradley, G Texas

This is what the Chicago Bulls should have done. While he’s not a particularly good shooter or offensive player, Bradley is a beast defensively and is the perfect pairing to Rondo. Between the two of them, they will probably hold the league’s backcourts to the lowest production of any other tandem in the league. For those with short memories, a lot of people though Rondo would struggle in the league because of his poor shooting too.

20. San Antonio Spurs – James Anderson, G Oklahoma

One of the more skilled shooters in the draft, Anderson may have found the perfect fit with the Spurs. He has good size and is a very efficient scorer. Look for him to make an immediate impact for San Antonio.

Winners: Memphis Grizzlies, Houston Rockets and Boston Celtics

Losers: Chicago Bulls


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