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2010 College Football Heisman Trophy Final Standings

Well that’s it. The 2010 College Football season is over with, and we’re left with five legitimate Heisman candidates left.

While it’s not the same as in year’s past with the Bradford, McCoy, Tebow battle or a Bush vs. Young National Title showdown in the final Heisman standings, it’s still a memorable Heisman race.

From Terrelle Pryor to Denard Robinson to now Cam Newton, we’ve seen the “favorite” title change hands. But now, it seems very clear who is the “favorite” and, based on production, the most deserving.

1. CamNewton, Quarterback, Auburn
If you watched him play in any game this season, it’s near impossible to argue anyone else. He’s been a mixture of Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, and Vince Young, all wrapped into one. You could argue he’s having the best season of any player in recent memory, with a  new record for passing efficiency in NCAA history, a 20 TD passing and rushing season, and a lead his team who was a mere afterthought in the SEC to the National Championship game. Despite the NCAA infractions that likely occurred, there are reasons to pass on Newton by the letter of the law. But he was ruled eligible all season as of now, so they can’t take it away, and all reports seem to say that his father was at fault, not him. Newton has been the most dominating, productive, and valuable to his team in college football, and deserves the award.

2. Kellen Moore, Quarterback, BoiseState
Losing to Nevada may, frustratingly, take Moore off the ballot of many voters. However, his ability to lead this team with so many great weapons against Nevada for much of the game, TCU at the end of last season, and the now ACC champions Virginia Tech, makes him very deserving of this recognition. While he likely won’t win the award because West Coast voters will pick Luck over him and Newton is the likely winner, but at the end of the day, he’s optimized the Boise State program: tough to count out, productive, and clutch.

3. Andrew Luck, Quarterback, Stanford
Luck’s development from last year to this season has been remarkable, and it’s not surprising at all to see that scout’s are all over him, moreso than Sam Bradford a season ago. Without Gerhart or a notable playmaker option outside of him this season, Luck has been spectacular all season long. Keep in mind that if it wasn’t for the loss to number two Oregon, they very well could be in the mix for the BCS title game. Luck may be the most talented quarterback based on NFL potential, but in my opinion, he’s a close third in the “MVP” race of the season.

4. LaMichael James, Running Back, Oregon
The FBS leader in rushing yards with nearly 1,700 yards and 21 touchdown touchdowns and a ridiculous 6.0 yards per rush, James would be as deserving as anyone this season and in some years, such as last year when fellow running back Mark Ingram took the award, James would be a favorite. But, with Luck and Moore being so valuable to their team on the West coast and Newton being the hands-down favorite, James looks like he’ll be on the outside looking in at the Top 3.

5. Justin Blackmon, Wide Receiver, OklahomaState
He most likely won’t be traveling to the ceremony, but if any receiver deserves it in the past ten years, it’s Blackmon. Over 1,600 yards, 18 touchdown receptions, every game he played in he had over 100 yards and at least one touchdown, a 16.3 yards per catch average, and a whopping 150+ yards per game, it’s safe to say he’s been one of the most productive receivers in recent memory. He won’t travel and won’t get many votes past a 4th or 5th place vote, but he deserves much recognition from this season.


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