2010-11 NBA Top 25 Fantasy Shooting Guards

So here are the Top 25 Shooting Guards in fantasy for this 2010-2011 season. These tiers are based on the averaged rankings of GMTR’s three authors. This is actually the deepest position based on our rankings. Assuming you’re not employing a micro-ball strategy, you will probably find yourself drafting at least two, three, or more of these players to fill out your team’s roster.

Other positions: Point Guards, Small Forwards, Power Forwards

Tier 1: The Superstars
1. Dwyane Wade (MIA) – 7.3 (Average rank of the three GMTR writers)
2. Kobe Bryant (LAL) – 8.7

If you want to draft a shooting guard, I’d recommend one of these two guys.

Tier 2: The Second Tier
3. Monta Ellis (GSW) – 21.0
4. Brandon Roy (POR) – 27.7
5. Andre Iguodala (PHI) – 30.0
6. Manu Ginobili (SAS) – 33.3
7. Joe Johnson (ATL) – 36.0
8. Kevin Martin (HOU) – 40.3

While it maybe appear that Monta Ellis should be in his own tier, the latest rankings were done right before Don Nelson announced his retirement (let’s just be nice and call it that). So, Monta probably drops a bit with the uncertainty around what kind of team Keith Smart is going to run. As CelticsBlog pointed out, he was the Warriors “defensive” coordinator, which should make you chuckle at least a little. That said, this is still an all around solid tier from Round 2 through Round 3.

Tier 3: Their Own World
9. Stephen Jackson (CHA) – 46.7
10. Jason Richardson (PHO) – 54.0
11. Ray Allen (BOS) – 55.3

These guys are solid for what they are. They’re all kind of getting old (even Richardson – the youngest of the three – will turn 30 just 3 months after I do), but they manage to hang around by making threes, not taking too many free throws, getting 5 rebounds a game, not handling the ball enough to turn it over much (okay, that doesn’t really apply to Jackson), and scoring a nice amount. So, yeah, with these three, you get your prototypical fantasy shooting guards.

Tier 4: The Unwantables
12. Jason Terry (DAL) – 60.7
13. O.J. Mayo (MEM) – 63.3
14. Jamal Crawford (ATL) – 68.0

OJ Mayo will probably end up like the guys in Tier 3 once he figures out how to get a couple more rebounds, but for now, he’s just kind of hanging around. Will he see a 3rd year bump? Probably, but with guys like Rudy Gay, Zach Randolph, and Marc Gasol on the floor, he’s going to have to take what he can get and he’s going to have to like it. The other two, well, I won’t be drafting them, that’s for sure. JET fell off big time last season as did Crawford, though not as much.

Tier 5: Too Small To Be Small Forwards
15. Anthony Morrow (NJN ) – 77.0
16. John Salmons (MIL) – 77.7

Honestly, I’d rather take these two at 77 than any of those guys in Tier 4 in the 60’s. They’re worth a 6th and certainly a 7th round pick, while the guys above just kind of make me queasy. Salmons was awesome last season after joining the Bucks, but hey, I’ve seen him play with a lot of heart for a half a season and then play poorly enough that a team would be happy to ship him somewhere else.

Tier 6: Will They or Won’t They?

17. Eric Gordon (LAC) – 85.0
18. Evan Turner (PHI) – 95.7
19. Vince Carter (ORL) – 98.3
20. Marcus Thornton (NOH) – 101.7
21. J.R. Smith (DEN) – 109.3
22. Leandro Barbosa (TOR) – 113.0
23. Courtney Lee (HOU) – 120.3

I’d argue that if they can hit their potential consistently throughout the season, any of these guys are capable of filling your starting SG spot and not just one of the Util positions. That said, you’d kind of have to just draw one of the names from a hat to figure out which one or two will actually do that.

Tier 7: Last Round Picks
24. Ben Gordon (DET) – 133.7
25. James Harden (OKC) – 139.7

If you’ve got an injury-prone Shooting Guard on your roster or don’t have another multi-position player who can play the 2, or just want to pick up a spare to stash on your bench, these guys are still in the “draftable” range according to their rankings. Yeah. Any of the guys in the 24 to 30 range are probably about the same in terms of risk and reward.

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