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1st Time Marcus 'Airhead' Jordan Acts Stupid? Hardly

By Flood McNulty

Marcus Jordan is now under investigation by the Nevada Gaming Control Board for underage gambling. The NCAA is probably close behind, which is never good. Just ask Reggie Bush.

So how did Mensa Jordan get busted? Was it an elaborate sting or a long-term undercover FBI operation that nabbed Marcus?

Not exactly. Airhead Jordan simply climbed atop his e-soapbox, also known as Twitter, and boasted to the universe about dropping more than 50K one day while in Vegas. Problem: He's not 21 yet. Yes, he brought all this on himself.

But if you think this is a lone mistake by a typically smart guy, think again.

There was the "Air Jordan Shoe" incident this past fall when Marcus selfishly wore his Dad's Nike shoes and cost his Adidas-sponsored university $3 million in endorsement money -- and there was his dubious college selection.

I wrote a column in 2009 when Jordan chose University of Central Florida. In that column I wondered how a young adult -- who seemingly had grown up around intelligent, savvy people -- could make such a braindead decision. Turns out, maybe this is just who Marcus Jordan is.

For two days in the spring of 2009, Yahoo! Sports splashed “Smart Move” across its home page in reference to Marcus Jordan’s decision to attend the University of Central Florida on a basketball scholarship.

The writer, Eamonn Brennan, even said “many might see Jordan’s name and wonder why he’s not going to a premier school.”

Well, many might have wondered that until they realized that precisely zero premier basketball schools actually offered him a scholarship. Pretty hard to attend a premier basketball school if the coach won’t let you attend practice.

So The Dagger, which is what Brennan's blog is called, skipped this rather obvious point and said “strategically, it's actually a pretty smart move.”

No it wasn't “smart.” Strategically, it was a horrendously stupid move.

Here’s why it was dumb: At 6-2, Marcus “So Glad I got Mom’s Genes” Jordan is never going to play in the NBA. (And he is never going to get laid in college if he keeps insisting on looking like the Dorkiest Hoops Player in America with those sports specs. I thought it was impossible to be Michael Jordan's son and not get more action than a Saudi prince but Marcus is trying his best to prove me wrong.)

So knowing Mock Jordan didn’t have a pro career ahead of him, that should have changed things -- a lot. Unlike other basketball players – you know, with talent – he didn’t have to worry about those nagging concerns like “What program puts me in the best position for the NBA Draft and stardom?”

Marcus was free to weigh other factors and make the best pick for life-after-hoops. Realize that just being in this position made him extremely lucky. And that’s when he made his fateful mistake.

Jordan passed up a little school in the Bay Area called Stanford. Yes, that Stanford.

The guy ignored a free ride to arguably the best academic university in the United States. A school that is located in gorgeous Palo Alto, Calif. A school that plays Pac-10 hoops, which is far better than the UCF’s weak Conference USA.

In 2009, I wrote:

"I understand Dad has more money than Bernie Madoff, circa 2007. But so much for being your own man, who goes out and achieves something on his own merits. You’re not gonna be the next NBA great, and that’s OK. You’ll never be as good as your father – no one is – but you simply do not pass up a scholarship to Stanford. Ever."

Then again, who needs Stanford if you can blow 50K every day in Vegas.

Then Tweet about it. 

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