12-Year-Old Red Sox Fan's Nice Gesture For Girl Behind Him At Game Goes Viral (Video)


One young Red Sox fan has become a viral sensation after he generously gave a foul ball to a girl behind him during a game.

12-year-old Ryan was caught on camera doing the good deed for the younger girl who was sad that she didn’t get the ball. As soon as he was handed it, Ryan gave the girl the ball, and immediately, her face lit up with excitement.

“I think that’s one of the nicest things I've seen at the ballpark all year,” said one of the commentators during the broadcast.

“Somebody has made a friend,” said another commentator.

Following the televised good deed, a reporter asked Ryan why he felt that he should give up the foul ball.

“I thought it is a nice thing and it is good to make people happy,” Ryan told the reporter. The reporter allegedly gave Ryan two balls to replace the one he gave up, along with a goodie bag featuring a bracelet that he also gave away to his new friend.

Sources: The Blaze, Daily Mail, Yahoo Sports


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