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11 Injured During LMFAO Free Super Bowl Concert

The overwhelming crowd of folks that flooded downtown Indianapolis on Friday night predictably became a huge public safety concern about two seconds after they left their homes.

A grand total of 11 people were injured on late Friday during a free concert by notorious party rockers LMFAO; two others were reportedly hurt in an unrelated incident. Furthermore, 22 arrests were made during the festivities. All things considered, though, given the approximately 50,000 people swamped downtown Indy, those totals aren't especially staggering.

According to a report by Jim Suhr of the Baxter Bulletin, although 11 people got hurt during the LMFAO show and two others got injured in an unrelated incident, none of the injuries that occurred were serious. In fact, most simply involved “shortness of breath or scraped knees.”

Per the same report, of the 22 arrests that were made on Friday night, most came directly as a result of public intoxication. No pepper spray or other means of force had to be used by authorities to keep the crowds in line.

A total of approximately 700 officers were dispatched on Saturday night as a preemptive measure to ensure that things wouldn’t get too unruly on Super Bowl Eve.

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