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1. American League Gold Gloves: The American League Gold Glove Award winners were announced. At pitcher, you have Mark Buehrle winning his second. At catcher, Joe Mauer won for a third time. At first base, Mark Teixeira won for a fourth time. At second base, Robinson Cano won his first. At shortstop, Derek Jeter won his fifth. Evan Longoria won his second at third base. In the outfield, you had Ichiro Suzuki winning his tenth, Franklin Gutierrez won his first as well as Carl Crawford. While people might not agree with Derek Jeter winning another Gold Glove, he had the least errors as well as the best fielding percentage out of shortstops in the American League in 2010. Granted that his range factor was rather low, his zone rating was rather high and he deserves it this year.

I think the correct decision was made at first base as well as Teixeira beat Overbay in most categories. Correct decision was made at second base as well. I would’ve given third base Gold Glove Award to Alex Rodriguez, who beat Longoria in fielding percentage, zone rating, and had less errors. Although Longoria does have a better range factor, I think that Rodriquez was the better fielder this year and more deserving of the Gold Glove Award at third base. I think Juan Pierre should’ve won the left field Gold Glove Award. He had a better fielding percentage, less errors, better zone rating as well. I think that Gutierrez was a good move, although you could’ve also put Vernon Wells in the Gold Glove Award winner position for center field. They had very similiar numbers (same fielding percentage at 1.000, but Wells has a worse range factor but a much better zone rating). I think JD Drew should’ve won the right field Gold Glove Award. Better fielding percentage (only 1 error while Ichiro had 7). Also, he has a worse range factor but a much better zone rating. Other than those couple of mistakes I highlighted, I think that the winners were good decisions. Good job overall by the voters.

2. More Cliff Lee news: There have been teams added to the list of teams interested in Cliff Lee. The Astros, Red Sox, Cubs, Angels, Dodgers, and Phillies are the surprising suitors. Cliff Lee is going to have a lot of teams to look at. Out of those teams, I do not see him going to Houston because they do not have the chance to make a run at the postseason, and they didn’t even when they had one of the best pitchers in the league in Roy Oswalt. Will Cliff Lee change the team? No, he cannot be a sole changer to that team. The Red Sox have a good shot since they are in the hunt for the playoffs every year. The Cubs could be as they are always willing to throw up big numbers to free agents. The Angels are a good team and close to the playoffs but they aren’t known to be willing to spend big money. The Phillies aren’t that surprising to me as they have been wanting Cliff Lee since he was looking to get traded earlier in the season. And the Dodgers being interested in Lee is a surprise since they are running very low on money and are a darkhorse to even get a big time free agent this offseason.

3. Free Agent news: As Tuesday comes to a close, I would like to give a shout out to Adam Dunn and Dave Bush — Happy Birthday! Now that is out of the way, now it’s time to get to some free agent news! Gregg Zaun is interested in signing with the Rays, but the Rays do not seem to be interested in him as they have Shoppach as well as John Jaso at the catcher position already leaving little to no room for Zaun. The Red Sox have expressed interest in Justin Duchscherer to help their pitching squad, but he has pitched in 32 games in the past three seasons due to injures and clinical depression to deal with. That is a big risk. The Pirates are interested in Adrian Beltre, but they are likely to not get him unless something obscure happens. Carl Crawford has not had any teams talking to him about possible contracts so Crawford is just sitting back and waiting.

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