MLB News: AL MVP, Martinez, Huff and More


1. AL MVP Announced: The American League Most Valuable Player has been announced today. The final award being announced from the 2010 MLB season was today, coming from the American League with the MVP, something everyone looks for and talks about throughout the season.

Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers, has won the MVP award. For the second straight MVP Award, the winner won by a landslide in the amount of first-place votes they received. Hamilton received 22 first place votes and a total of 358 points. In second place, the person who I thought should have won the award, is Miguel Cabrera, with five first place votes and 262 total points. In third place, with zero first place votes, was Robinson Cano with 229 points. In fourth place was Jose Bautista, with one first place and 165 total points. And rounding out the top five was Paul Konerko, with 130 points. I think that Miguel Cabrera should have won the AL MVP Award over Josh Hamilton. While Hamilton had a great year for a playoff team, Cabrera had an even better year for a non-playoff team. While making the playoffs is nice, it should not matter in the MVP voting. I see that Cabrera has a better OPS+ (179 for Cabrera, 175 for Hamilton) while Cabrera also has a better WAR (wins above replacement) at 6.9 for Cabrera and 6.0 for Hamilton. If you check out the amount of games each has played, Cabrera has played in 150 games while Hamilton has played in 133. I think that gives Cabrera even more of an edge.

Even though the stats are very close, I would give the advantage to Cabrera. I also think that when you look at other significant facets of each players’ statistics, you see that Cabrera has an advantage especially when you look at walk to strikeout ratio, in which Cabrera has a 0.94 while Hamilton has a 0.45 rating.

2. Victor Martinez signs with Detroit: The Detroit Tigers and Victor Martinez, former catcher with Boston, have reached an agreement on a four-year, $50 million deal. The Tigers are in desperate need of a catcher, especially since Gerald Laird did a very poor job at the plate last season. While Martinez was the best offense catcher available, he will most likely be used in a designated hitter role for the Tigers for the majority of the season, according to reports.

Last season, Victor Martinez batted .302 with an on-base percentage of .351. He posted an OPS+ of 122, which is rather good. He did only play in 127 games with 538 plate appearances, but that was due to an injury he suffered that put him out several weeks. Over the course of his career, he has posted solid numbers as well. His batting average stands at a career number of .300. His career on-base percentage is a solid .369. His OPS+ is a great 121. I say that this is a great move for the Detroit Tigers as they have received a potential future Hall of Famer in their hands now, and he is signed for the next four years.

3. Giants re-sign Aubrey Huff: The San Francisco Giants have decided to re-sign first baseman/third baseman Aubrey Huff to a two-year $22 million deal. The contract is going to pay Huff $10 million per year with a $10 million club option for 2013 with a $2 million buyout. The deal will also include a no-trade clause. Huff, who will turn 34 next month, is entering his 12th season in the majors. Last season, for the World Series winning San Francisco Giants, in which he was a part of, he posted a batting average of .290, an on-base percentage of .385. He had an OPS+ of 138, meaning he had a fantastic season. He played in 157 games and had 668 plate appearances. He was a big part of that San Francisco Giants’ offense that brought them to greatness. Over his career, he has posted a career batting average of .283, a career on-base percentage of .345. He has a career OPS+ of 115, which is pretty good — pretty far above average. This is a good sign for the Giants, and they will be very happy that they have him for the next two seasons at least, and could potentially have him for 2013 as well as long as the club wants to pay his $10 million option.

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