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1. Hernandez wins AL Cy Young: The American League Cy Young Award has gone to the correct person as Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners has retained the award.

At the end of the season, and as the season neared to a close, everyone was saying that Hernandez should win the award, but many were worried about the voters in that they would prove that the media is too high on win-loss records. That proved to be incorrect as the media isn’t as dependent on win-loss records as many thought. As Felix Hernandez didn’t pitch in the postseason, nor did he pitch for a team that even had a chance to make the playoffs this season.

While the Yankees did well this year and the fact that CC Sabathia had a 21-7 record, but came up with an ERA of 3.18, a WHIP of 1.191 and an ERA+ of 134. He finished third in voting, behind David Price and Felix Hernandez. CC Sabathia had 102 total votes and three first place votes. David Price, pitching for the Rays, was able to come in second with 111 total votes and four first place votes. Price, while having a 19-6 record, had a better ERA than Sabathia (2.72), had a worse WHIP than Sabathia (1.193) and had a better ERA+ of 145. Price deserves the second place finish that he received. Felix Hernandez, while not having the best record (13-12), he did receive 21 first place votes and had 167 total votes. Hernandez had a better ERA than both Sabathia and Price of 2.27. He had a better WHIP than both pitchers as well at 1.057. His ERA+ was much better at 174. He had a great year for a bad team. He deserved the award and showed that the team you pitch for doesn’t matter, as long as you perform the way you should, good things will happen for you.

2. Astros and Rockies swap players: The Houston Astros and Colorado Rockies agreed on a two-player trade which sent Felipe Paulino to Colorado and Clint Barmes to Houston.

The General Manager of the Astros stated that he went after Barmes for his defensive presence as well as his gap power. Barmes, who is 31 years old, should receive about $4 million this season. Last year for Colorado, while making $3.3 million, Barmes had a batting average of .235, an on-base percentage of .305. He had 21 doubles, 8 home runs and drove in 50 runs. His OPS+ was a horrible 67. He had 387 at-bats last season in 133 games played (432 plate appearances). Over his career, he hasn’t been much better (has his career OPS+ is 75). He has maintained a batting average of .254, an on-base percentage of .300. He has hit 582 doubles, 61 home runs and drove in 285 runs throughout eight seasons, 665 games and 2509 plate appearances. Not good at all, so not sure what type of “gap power” Clint Barmes has.

The Rockies received Felipe Paulino, who isn’t much better. Last season, while pitching in 19 games and throwing 91.2 innings, he had  a 1-9 record, 5.11 earned run average, WHIP of 1.538 and an ERA+ of 76, which is just pathetic. His career ERA+ is even worse, where it stands at 70. He has pitched in three seasons over 47 games and 208.1 innings pitched. His career earned run average of 5.83 with a career WHIP of 1.598. This player still playing in the big leagues is amazing to me, since he is absolutely terrible. Who wins this trade? If I have to give it to someone, I have to give it to Barmes since his career OPS+ is 75 while Paulino’s career ERA+ is at 70.

3. Yankees acquire minor league pitcher: The New York Yankees and the Arizona Diamondbacks have agreed upon a trade that will send a minor league pitcher to the Yankees (Scott Allen) and the D’backs will receive a 27-year-old first baseman who could compete for the Diamondbacks first base spot for 2011 (Juan Miranda).

Scott Allen was Arizona’s 11th round draft pick in 2009 and is only 19 years of age. In over two seasons of player, and 95 2/3 innings pitched, he has an earned run average of 3.95, an 8.9 strikeouts per 9 innings and 2.7 walks per 9 innings pitched. He is very young and has plenty of time to get better in which he shows that he will be getting better and could become a solid pitcher when the time to reach the majors finally comes around for Allen. Miranda is out of options, so him going to the minors isn’t going to happen for the Yankees, so they had to trade him with Posada at the designated hitter position and Mark Teixeira playing first base. With not much room for Miranda on the 25-man roster of New York, the Diamondbacks have said that they would like him.

Over 1995 minor league games, he has a batting average of .281, an on-base percentage of .367 and a slugging percentage of .478. So he isn’t a bad player, but will finally be able to get the chance to start at the major league level. Not with the Yankees in which would be the ideal team to play in the big leagues with because of the attention he would receive as well as the money that the Yankees would overpay him with. I do think the Yankees won this trade though because of the fantastic young pitcher that they received.

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