MLB News: Cy Young, Halladay, Uggla, Buck and More


1. Halladay wins NL Cy Young: The National League Cy Young Award winner was announced today and it came no surprise to me as well as others.

Roy Halladay won the award with all the votes. He deserves it 100% and no other candidate should have won it ahead of him. Halladay had a fantastic season as a Philadelphia Phillie going 21-10 and leading the National League in wins. He had an earned run average of 2.44, had a perfect game in the season, had a WHIP of 1.041. His ERA+ was an outstanding 165. He scored a perfect 224 points and got 32 first place votes. Adam Wainwright came in second with 28 second-place votes and a total number of 122 points. He joined Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and Gaylord Perry as the only pitchers to win a Cy Young Award in both the American League and National League. Halladay, Wainwright, Ubaldo Jimenez, Tim Hudson and Josh Johnson were the top five.

2. Uggla to Atlanta: The Atlanta Braves and Florida Marlins have agreed on a trade. The Florida Marlins have traded second baseman Dan Uggla, who they have been looking to trade the entire offseason. In return, the Atlanta Braves have sent utility man Omar Infante and left-handed reliever Mike Dunn to Florida. Uggla had a solid season last year batting .287 with an on-base percentage of .369. He hit 33 home runs and 105 runs batted in. His OPS+ of  130 was very good. Over his career, he has batted .263 with an on-base percentage of .349. He has 154 home runs and 465 runs batted in throughout five seasons. He has a 117 OPS+ as well. He will serve as a solid second baseman for the Braves in 2011. Infante’s season last year was rather good as well. He had a .321 batting average with an on-base percentage of .359. He hit 8 home runs and drove in 47 runs. His OPS+ of 111 is above average. Over his career, he has a batting average of .274 with an on-base percentage of .319. He has hit 45 home runs and drove in 268 runs, although he is not a power hitter. He has a 90 OPS+, which is under average. The Braves won this trdae, but the Marlins did get a hard throwing left handed pitcher who had high strikeout totals. They got a below average hitting utility player while the Braves got a good second baseman who has power numbers in which the Braves needed. Braves win this trade and will make another run at the National League East division title.

3. Marlins sign John Buck: The Florida Marlins have agreed on a three year deal with catcher John Buck. The three-year deal will be worth approximately $18 million. Last year, he batted .281 with an on-base percentage of .314. He hit 20 home runs and drove in 66 runs. He played in 118 games and had 437 plate appearances. His OPS+ was a 115, which is above average. Over his career, he has a batting average of .243. His on-base percentage stands at a .301 while he has an OPS+ of 89 career wise, which is below average. I think that $6 million a year is a little steep for a catcher that isn’t that good, but had a good season last year. He will be shown that he is overpaid by the end of the contract, in my opinion. Not a great money decision by Florida.

4. Cardinals re-sign Jake Westbrook: The St. Louis Cardinals have agreed to re-sign Jake Westbrook to a two-year contract. He will be paid $8 million in 2011 and $8.5 million in 2012. He will receive a $1 million buyout if the team declines his option, but gets no buyout if there is a mutual agreement to decline his 2013 option. If the 2013 option would be picked up, Westbrook would be paid another $8.5 million. Last year, between the Cleveland Indians and St. Louis Cardinals, Westbrook had a record of 10-11 combined with an ERA of 4.22. He had a WHIP of 1.337 and an ERA+ of 92. With the Indians, he had an ERA of 4.65, a WHIP of 1.386 and an ERA+ of 83. He was terrible with Cleveland this year. With St. Louis, he had an ERA of 3.48, a WHIP of 1.253 and an ERA+ of 113. He had a good year 75 innings pitched with St. Louis, but 127.2 innings pitched with Cleveland was not good for him. Throughout his career, he has a career ERA of 4.29, a career WHIP of 1.375 and a career ERA+ of 101, which means he is about average, but just slightly above average. I would say that $8-$8.5 million a year is a little high for Westbrook, but isn’t too bad. The Cardinals will have an average pitcher with them for the next two years at least. He does have a full no-trade clause as well. He is guaranteed $16.5 million.

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