103-Year-Old Sprinter Wants A Showdown With Usain Bolt (Video)

Japanese sprinter Hidekichi Miyazaki may be 103-years-old, but he's got the confidence of someone a quarter of his age.

Miyazaki, the world's fastest sprinter over 100 years old, challenged the fastest man alive to a race recently.

“I'd love to race Bolt,” Miyazaki told the Straits Times. "I'm keeping the dream alive. I try to stay in top shape and stay disciplined and healthy. That's important for everyone - even Usain Bolt."

Miyazaki's record for the 100 meter sprint at over 100 years old is a blazing 29.83 seconds. Last week at the Japan Masters Athletic Competition, the self-proclaimed "Golden Bolt" let himself down with a 38.35-second time.

“I'd give myself five out of 10 for that,” he joked. “Before I ran I curled up for a little nap – big mistake! I felt stiff. I'm still young so it's a learning process.”

Here's video footage of Miyazaki's sprint from the Masters competition. Think Usain Bolt can handle this?

Miyazaki doesn't plan to stop running anytime soon. With his 104th birthday approaching, he has his eyes set on the 100m record for the 105-109 age group.

“That's what I'm training for,” he says. 


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