10 NFL Questions: Shanahan, Haley, McNabb, Vick and More


1) Are Mike Shanahan and Daniel Snyder on the same page? Shanahan is benching Donovan McNabb at the same time Snyder is making a long term commitment. What gives?

2) Why was Chiefs coach Todd Haley so upset at Denver coach Josh McDaniels for scoring 49 points? Correct me if I'm wrong but this is the NFL, not Pop Warner. Didn't he realize that he was given the opportunity to stop Denver? It seems to me that if you don't want the opposition to score so many points, you should do a better job of preventing them.

3) What the hell ever happened to the 'coffin corner'? I can't remember the last time I saw a punter kick the ball out of bounds at the five yard line. Now they kick it straight up in the air and hope someone catches it before bouncing into the end zone. Almost nothing more infuriating then watching your team punt from the thirty-seven and put it five yards deep in the end zone.

4) How is it possible for players to not know the rules of the game? In appears that the average fan has a better understanding of the rules than guys who play it. Remember when Donovan McNabb didn't know the overtime rule? As it turns out, last week it Jets kicker Nick Folk didn't even know he had kicked the game winning field goal! He thought that the Lions received a chance to beat or tie! Just to make it clear for everyone, there is one sudden death overtime period in the regular season. Pretty simple.

5) How can Deion Sanders be ranked number thirty-four on the NFL networks top one hundred? Deion is the best cover corner ever and he was an outstanding kick returner. He shut down half the field every game, and he is ranked below offensive linemen. No way.

6) Anyone else sick of guarantees? Brandon Marshall guaranteed the Dolphins would make the playoffs, but he has never made the postseason in his career. How does a guy who has never been in the playoffs make such a guarantee? Maybe he should keep his mouth shut and try scoring some touchdowns.

7) Is there a more obscure legal act in all of sports than the drop kick? The ball wasn't even the same shape when the play was used regularly. Besides the Patriots allowing Doug Flutie to try one for an extra point before he retired, has anyone ever actually seen one used in a game?

8) How does a guy go from starting to getting cut? Jason Allen was cut from the Dolphins after starting seven of eight games this season and leading the team with three interceptions. He was good enough to start seven games and all of a sudden he is not even good enough to make the team. I don't get it.

9) What happened to the time limit on instant replays? Replay seems to drag on forever lately, making games last longer and longer. Get the show on the road already and make a decision. No reason it should take five minutes to review a play.

10) Why doesn't Michael Vick just do that every game? - Dr. David Silver

Dr. David Silver uses his skills as a practicing optometrist to see things clearly as it pertains to the world of football. A University of Michigan graduate, David can be found rooting for the Big Blue on Saturdays and the Dolphins on Sundays.

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