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Young Woman Scared Of Flight Takes Meth To Calm Down, Pays The Price

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When a beautiful Russian model boarded a long flight, she decided to take a “little something” to help her deal with her fear of flying. That little something happened to be a substance that is highly controlled, highly addictive, and extremely dangerous. Sofia Edigarova apparently took methamphetamine as a way to help her deal with her fear of flying, but instead of it erasing her fear and making her feel like Superwoman, it poisoned her.

The Russian model became extremely sick on the flight. At first people in the air had no idea what was wrong with the young woman. She was getting extremely sick and had visibly begun to show signs of illness. Later, it was revealed that the drug of choice for the young Russian model was methamphetamine, which she took in a desperate bid to cure her of her fear of flying.


During the flight, flight attendants gave the young woman four hours of first aid support as she clung to the brink of life. The flight was from Omsk in Russia to St. Petersburg where the young model was hoping to secure more work.

As the crew was administering aid, Sofia Edigarova became unresponsive. The drug was so potent that it left her debilitated.

“The crew requested medical assistance and after landing she was taken to hospital with acute poisoning by a psychotropic substance,” a Russian report stated.


One of the model’s friends added, “Sofia’s mother reported that her daughter is in the hospital, but we do not know any details so far.”

When the young model landed at Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg, she was rushed to the emergency room. However, the airport refused to comment on the woman’s condition or what happened.

Instead, police shared the following:

“This woman was hospitalized. Now doctors are attending to her.”


The report is that her condition is “severe” and that she may not be able to pull through and might not survive. Because the young model was deathly afraid of flying, she decided that ingesting an undisclosed quantity of meth was a good idea to help her deal with the fear. Perhaps she was a common user of the drug and trusted that it would work for her. Or maybe she had simply heard rumors about it and thought that it was going to lift her out of her fear and allow her to ride the air like a seagull.

However, she ingested the massive quantity of the dangerous drug and suffered the consequences. Because she started getting violently ill on the flight, the crew began administering first aid and making sure that she was okay. But she was not. She could not answer them and did not want to tell them which drug she took before the flight. She knew it was illegal and worried that she could be caught for the illegal activity.


Hopefully, she will be able to recover and go back to her modeling career.

What do you think about this woman’s attempt to cure her fear of flying with meth?

Sources: The Sun / Photo Credit: Post Image

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