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You Won't Believe What This Man Threw At A Wild Moose To Scare It Away (Video)

Here we recapture the moment a terrified man decided that enough was enough after a wild moose went on a rampage in a Russian city after wandering from a nearby forest.

Oktyabrsky is the town that paid host to an unusual and unfriendly visitor that went on a rampage until this quick-thinking Russian man swung into action.

The wild moose appears to have been separated from its mother before it found itself in the middle of the city center. Terrified given the unusual surroundings, the scared moose went on a rampage inflicting significant damage on any cars that were in its way and also chased some people within its surroundings.

The animal could also be seen charging around a children’s playground as it sought to be reunited with its family in the wild. Sensing danger, people threw snowballs and shouted at the animal. However, all was in vain, as the scared animal continued to charge as it sought to find its way back into the wild.

One mistake by the scared animal would bring the situation to order that even the brightest minds are finding hard to believe.

After charging into one building where a crowd of people were jeering, a Russian man suddenly threw his black cat at the moose and triggered a reaction that no one could imagine.


Sensing danger, the wild moose then retreated as the black cat fell to the ground. In a video captured by bystanders, the scared animal is seen fleeing away as people sensed a window of opportunity to chase it away.

The moose was later cornered, caught and driven out of the city back into the forest.

The fact that the wild animal continued to charge at people even after being hit with snowballs but then decided to retreat after seeing the black cat coming its way has people talking.

While the cat did save the day in terms of forcing the wild moose to retreat, people have aired their outrage over the man’s action to throw the cat at the wild moose.

One man is quoted saying, “these are wild people, worse than any moose” while another one reiterated, “they are savages. First throwing the cat at the moose, then chasing it.”

Even though animal activists remain disgruntled, the cat might as well have saved the day considering it most likely prevented the wild moose from inflicting further damages and losses.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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