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Women's Soccer Fans Face Backlash For Booing Soldiers' Swearing-In Ceremony


The crowd of the National Women’s Soccer League game had been filled with heavy boos and outrage, just right after the Armed Forces swearing-in ceremony just last Wednesday.

The ceremony had begun at Providence Park in Portland, Oregon, in the fight between the Portland Thorns against the North Carolina Courage. According to The Oregonian, the event had been rescheduled earlier in 2019 after the original season’s game was supposedly on the 11th of September.

There was applause at the beginning for the Oath of Enlistment pledge, but the happy cheers had been replaced with heavy boos after the enlistees had been asked to pledge and obey the orders of US President Donald Trump, grabbing the attention of the fans and the masses.

Another was the fact that Major League Soccer had been under fire after banning in its club’s stadiums with political banners. Both the Portland Timbers and the National Women’s Soccer League had agreed to ban all forms of political signage at the Thorns games, which was an irony in itself for most fans despite the partnership of both teams, where they originally did not have a specific fan code.


“All of our operational staff for Providence Park games are the same,” the club said in a statement in August. “Having different rules for different teams creates confusion among staff and for fans alike. We also believe that what is allowed, for those wishing to trumpet opposition to fascism at MLS games, is also a fair and reasonable approach for Thorns and T2 games.”

After the event, the final tally of the game’s result was a complete defeat for the Thorns, and complete win of their competitor, ending the games with a 6-0 match win. 

Sources: Fox News / Photo Credit: The Oregonion/OregonLive Sports

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