Women Wreak Havoc At McDonald's Over Missing Breakfast

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Two women walked into a McDonald’s looking for some breakfast sustenance when they were told that the morning menu had already ended. They were enraged, and soon enough, all hell broke loose.


The video shows the two women at the door, leaving the restaurant. They briefly turn and speak to someone in the restaurant, their words filled with anger.

The woman in pink and her companion walk over to another group, which has some members wearing the McDonald’s uniform. When a chair is thrown, the situation quickly escalates.


People start screaming, and the brawlers run away. The woman in pink picks up a chair and throws it at a man, and her companion does the same. The man remains oddly calm as he bears the blows from the two women.


The second woman then picks up a broom and hits the man with the handle with such force that it breaks in half. The video then cuts off at that point.

There has been no report about any arrests made.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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