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Woman's 4th Of July Decoration Sparks Controversy


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the city of San Marino decided to host a home decorating contest in time for the Fourth of July celebrations. The city’s recreational department is offering free home decorating starter kits to the residents to encourage their participation.

However, one home has become the focus of attention because of its lawn decoration – a mannequin of President Trump holding up an American flag.

Leslie Antosy-Flores stated that she was excited to participate in the competition, and she put up flags, banners, and the Trump mannequin to express her enthusiasm.


“Of course we have our President Trump. He needs to be recognized since he is our president,” she said.

She stated that her decorations attracted criticisms, but maintained that she did not do anything wrong.

“I did have somebody yell at me and call me a racist. All I’m doing is displaying him with an American flag. I didn’t do anything with any political agenda,” she said.

She revealed that she had to remove the Trump mannequin a couple of times because she was being yelled at.


Scott Solan, who set up a six-foot eagle outside his home, supported Antosy-Flores’ display.

“I think anyone who wants to show their patriotic spirit, God bless them for showing that for this administration, for our country, no matter their opinion,” he said.

However, critics have called out Antosy-Flores for using Trump’s likeness, which they maintain is a sign of division in the country.

City Councilmember Susan Jakubowski responded to the backlash, stating that residents were allowed to decorate in any way they wished as long as it was not offensive.


“I think now more so than ever we are all agreeing to be different to get along and this community like every other community has all different beliefs,” she said.

The city distributed 300 home decorating starter kits filled with sidewalk chalk, American flags, one roll of patriotic crepe paper, a pennant banner, and a participating home lawn sign.

San Marino city leaders stated that they hoped to continue the competition in the future.

Winners of the home decorating contest — with categories including Most Creative, Judge’s Choice, Most Patriotic, and Honorable Mention — will be announced on July 2.

The top four finalists in each category will receive a recognition lawn sign and a gift card from a local business.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: CBS Los Angeles

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