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Woman With Record-Breaking Nails Explains Why She Grew Them Out


Four-years ago, Elena started down a journey that she has not been able to get off of. Back then, she decided to go after a world record. So, despite her relatively successful video blog, she stopped her passion for sports and travel in pursuit of her record, which is to the have longest fingernails of any human on the planet ever.

At 12 cm long, her nails sure are long. The 34-year-old Russian from St. Petersburg by the name of Elena Shilenkova has sacrificed many things over the last few years to secure the world record spot. She first started cultivating her extremely long nails after a friend bet her that there was no way that she could get them loner than 5 cm. The person bet her the equivalent of $3,000. Not only did Elena win the bet, but she also has not stopped growing her nails since. She loves doing it so much that she’s willing to sacrifice many of the joys in her life to keep them long and strong.


Elena won the bet over her friend in less than a year. She even used the money that she won to buy a new car.


However, this was years ago. She has not cut her nails since. And back in 2018, she got her nails long enough to qualify for the 2018 Russian book of national records.

Because she has pursued nothing in exchange for putting all her efforts into maintaining pristine fingernails, she has made many sacrifices along the way.


“I love playing tennis, but I really can’t run the risk of tripping over and having to break my fall with my hands. I also don’t really go abroad anymore because the only thing I like doing on holiday is swimming in the sea. I can’t swim because the risk of snapping a nail is too high so I don’t go on holiday in case I’m tempted to get in the sea.”


Elena understands that she has needed to sacrifice a lot to get her fingernails to the length they are currently at – but to her, it was all worth it for the glory.


“It’s a hard job growing your nails out. It takes a lot of dedication and commitment looking after something that is so fragile. I am constantly wary of breaking them and looking after them can be a full-time job.”

She loves them so much that she considers them her “babies.”


“Even when I’m sleeping, subconsciously, my mind is worrying about them – that’s why I call them my babies because I have to take care of them.”

While she has needed to sacrifice a lot, she did earn the national record. She also loves all the attention she gets from men. As a single woman, it is very much appreciated.


“People often come up to me in the street and tell me how pretty they think my nails are,” she said. “they are beautiful because they are unique. They make me stand out from the crowd, and people certainly don’t forget me in a hurry.”


What do you think of her nails?

Sources: Virgin Media / Photo Credit: Post Image

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