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Woman Who Got Taxpayer-Funded Boob Job Now Wants Free Boob Reduction

Just months after receiving a free taxpayer-funded boob job, 23-year-old Josie Cunningham now wants a reduction for the same price.

Cunningham, who wants to be a model, begged the NHS for the operation after claims she was being bullied for being flat chested. The NHS paid for the procedure in March and her 32A bust was increased to a 36DD.

Cunningham now states her new breasts make her feel self-conscious and are stopping her from finding work as a model. She wants the NHS to fund the reduction.

"I don't want to spend my life being known as the girl with massive NHS boobs, so having smaller implants is the only option,” Cunningham said. “I'm looking in to charities that could help, but I think it's down to the NHS because they made them so big."

Cunningham initially flaunted the boob job in her attempt to get her modeling career going, but she soon faced backlash from an angry public.

“People followed me in the street shouting 'We want our money back s---,’ it was so upsetting,” Cunningham told Closer Magazine.

The case also outraged many after it was revealed the NHS had funded Josie's operation while a 2 year old, who suffers from cerebral palsy, had been turned down for funding for an operation that could allow him to walk, according to Mail Online.

“It’s ridiculous that the taxpayer paid for this surgery in the first place, especially when the NHS denies others cancer drugs and delays hip operations,” Cunningham said. “Ultimately, the health budget should be spent on treating the sick, not wasted funding boob jobs purely for cosmetic reasons.”

Sources: Mirror, Mail Online


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