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Woman Stunned By What Jeff Foxworthy Did Behind Her Back At Grocery Store

Photo credit: Robin McFadden via WAGA

Photo credit: Robin McFadden via WAGA

Note: we are republishing this story in light of recent reports that suggest more and more people all across the country are experiencing random acts of kindness even amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Georgia mother was beginning to feel stressed out in line at the grocery store when a man with a familiar face stepped in and helped her out in a big way.

Robin McFadden of John's Creek, Georgia, was in the checkout line at her local Publix with her three sons, when the kids began to fuss.

"I was coming from my son's basketball game with my three sons and decided to go coupling at Publix in John's Creek," McFadden told WAGA.

"I was at the register and between me worrying about my items and the kids fussing, I didn't even know that Jeff Foxworthy was standing behind me."

When McFadden's grocery total was ready, she realized that she had done the math wrong and that she was going to be about $25 short of what she expected. People in line behind her reportedly started to become impatient.

"My total was off from what I calculated," she told CBS News. "I tried to calm down the kids when I heard someone ask, 'How much is she short?'"

McFadden turned around and gasped when she realized that comedian Jeff Foxworthy had been behind her the whole time.

Foxworthy then scooted past McFadden and paid the remainder.

Photo credit: Robin McFadden via WAGA

Photo credit: Robin McFadden via WAGA

"He laughed, walked around me, put his card in the machine and said 'watch this,'" she recalled. "I told him that he was gong to make me cry, gave him a hug, thanked him and took the photo!"

McFadden asked the comedian for a picture and he happily obliged.

"He was such a great guy and I was so happy and lucky to have met him," she said.

McFadden says she donated to a friend in need just last week and feels that her run-in with Foxworthy may have been "good karma."

"I was elated," McFadden said of the incident. "I had never been that close to a celebrity."

The mother shared her photo with Foxworthy on her Facebook page, where it quickly spread.

Sources: WAGA, CBS News

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