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Woman Says Supermarket Employee Asked Her To 'Pull Her Shirt Down' After Outfit Complaint

Lauren O’Connor was looking to pick up some ice-pops from her local Sainsbury’s to help her combat the heat wave. She was in shorts at the time, totally appropriate considering the weather.

However, she was approached by a staff member while she was in the store, who asked her to pull down her T-shirt over her shorts because another customer allegedly complained. O’Connor stated that she was made to feel like her outfit choice was “inappropriate.”

She recounted the incident on Twitter, writing: "I’m so angry right now. Just been approached by a @sainsburys staff member in Staines store to ‘pull my t-shirt down.’ An elderly man made comment to staff member who felt compelled to come over and tell me as I was shopping. It’s 32 degrees. If I want to wear shorts I will. For reference, this is my outfit. All I wanted was ice lollies. N I get shamed in store doing so. So disappointed. When are we going to stop telling women how to dress? Especially when topless men frequent supermarkets, which I highly doubt are told to change."

She received tons of support on social media, with one person writing: "Nothing wrong with your outfit at all and shouldn't be shamed by anyone for wearing shorts. I mean. You could have worn no shorts."

Another one wrote: "It is embarrassing that certain sections of society are still trying to tell women how to dress!"

Yet another person commented: "You look lovely! I'm honestly so confused by this reaction? It's a totally normal outfit to wear in this weather, you didn't do anything wrong."

She later posted an update after she spoke to the manager of the store, who told her that the employee would only be “reeducated.”

"Have spoken to @sainsburys Staines store Manager. Who has confirmed that the staff member won’t be getting in any kind of trouble over this. Simply ‘reeducating’ (as the manager put it) on conduct. Am waiting on head office in reference to other women’s ignored concerns," she wrote.

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