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Woman Says She Was Arrested Because Her Bikini Was Allegedly 'Too Revealing'

Photo Credit: Kristen Graham

Photo Credit: Kristen Graham

Note: we are republishing this story in light of recent reports that show more and more women around the country are challenging what it means for clothing to be “inappropriate” and fighting back against “conservative” dress codes. 

Sam Panda, a professional aerial artist originally from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, made headlines after she was cuffed by cops for wearing a thong bikini.

She shared the footage of her arrest, which showed her placed in cuffs while the man shooting the video asked the officers to explain which part of the penal code she had violated.

In response, the officers asked the group to follow them to their patrol car, where they were seen reading the penal code.

"It shall be unlawful for any person to appear in the nude on any public beach... or any public property in the view of the public," one officer said, to which Panda replied "I'm not nude."

Photo Credit: Kristen Graham

Photo Credit: Kristen Graham

Then the group began debating whether the parts revealed by a thong actually qualified as nudity.

Panda, at one point, told the officer holding her arm, "let go of me," but he refused, replying, "no. You're in handcuffs."

"You put me in handcuffs being in a thong!" she shot back.

In the 20 minute video, one officer claimed that they had detained Panda because of "how [she was] acting.”

Photo Credit: Kristen Graham

Photo Credit: Kristen Graham

The officers initially responded to reports that two women in thong bikinis and a see-through top were “dancing and soliciting videos on the beach.”

In her Facebook post, Panda claimed that “some Karen” had filed the complaint.

Despite the debate, the exposure of a person's buttocks is actually prohibited by the Myrtle Beach municipal code under an ordinance regarding indecent exposure on the beach.

"It shall be unlawful for any person to intentionally appear in any public place in such a state of dress or undress so as to expose to the view of others the human male or female genitals, pubic area, pubic hair, buttocks, anus, vulva or any portion of the female breast at or below the areola thereof," the ordinance states.

According to the department, officers attempted to speak to the women about the ordinance, but “one of the women attempted to walk away from officers and was detained.”

Photo Credit: Kristen Graham

Photo Credit: Kristen Graham

Panda was later released after she complied with the officers’ orders.

In her post, Panda wrote: "A woman called the cops on me because of my bikini. That's how this all started. Some Karen decided that my body was offensive to her and showed her child that her body could one day lead to her arrest. Her body could be the reason a grown ass man violates her. Her body is wrong," and included the hashtag "#cancelMyrtleBeach."

In a second post, she added: "If you are a woman, and you decide to call police on other women for their bodies ON A BEACH, IN FRONT OF YOUR TEENAGE DAUGHTER... You have allowed a 105 pound woman to get rushed, aggressively grabbed, manhandled, and cuffed. You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself."

Sources: The Sun

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