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Woman Poops On Floor, Throws It At Employee After Being Denied Access To Bathroom


An unnamed woman in Canada had been caught on surveillance camera footage defecating on the inside of a Tim Hortons restaurant, and then proceeded to throw her excrement towards an employee.

The authorities and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Langley, British Columbia have now arrested the culprit, whose name had been unreleased. She now is scheduled to attend a court hearing pertaining to the incident and had been also later released, according to a report from CBC News.

Further reports from CBC News also stated that according to the establishment, the incident occurred when the woman had been earlier denied the women’s restroom access by an employee, who had judged the decision based on her “previous behavior” and also "out of concern for the immediate safety" of those in the women’s comfort room. It has been also reported that Tim Hortons has a policy that states: “restricted access policy for restrooms to ensure the well-being of our guests."

Albeit the well-known food chain currently does not have set policy that requires a minimum food spend from the restaurant to be able to use the bathroom, Global News has reported that some of its branches do require the customer to first acquire a buzzer or a key, depending on the establishment.

From the footage captured and the surveillance video that had been posted on Twitter and other social media, it can be seen that the woman and the employee had been arguing before she pulled her undergarments down and promptly defecated on the store’s floor. After proceeding to pick up the excrement, she hurls it towards the employee before she grabs the nearest tissues and napkins to wipe her hands and herself.

Sources: USA Today / Photo Credit: Cryptic Cowboy

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