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Woman ‘Offended’ By Coffee Shop’s Police Sign, Company Comes Back With Perfect Response

Photo Credit: Brandi Nicole Wilson/Facebook, Ammodramus/Wikimedia Commons

Photo Credit: Brandi Nicole Wilson/Facebook, Ammodramus/Wikimedia Commons

Note: we are republishing this story amid record high levels of political division in America. According to Pew surveys, the US ranks among the highest in the world according to how many people feel more divided than before the pandemic. More on this here:

A Jackson, Missouri, woman's post on the Facebook page for a local coffee shop went viral after the shop defended a controversial pro-police sign.

Brandi Nicole Wilson took to the Ground-A-Bout’s Facebook page to voice her frustrations regarding a sign on the front of the establishment that read “back the blue.” Wilson said she was “hesitant” to go into the coffee shop when she saw the sign.

“Ok now let me say in the political climate we are in not a good look especially since people are very sensitive to what's going on, it made me super uncomfortable being African American walking in it's almost like a shouting ‘Black lives don't matter sign,’” she wrote.

“I won't get into my own politics and I'm not saying this is what the company is saying but it sure feels like it. Jackson is a conservative town I get it, but some semo students live here and I think diversity should be catered to.”

Wilson said she appreciated police officers for their service but called the sign a “direct response” to the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Brandi, we're very sorry that you experienced any negative feelings while patronizing our establishment. Our support of law enforcement is IN NO WAY whatsoever stating that "black lives don't matter." We support racial diversity as well as cultural diversity and religious diversity,” the Ground-A-Bout wrote in response.

“And we believe that supporting our law enforcement AND those issues can be accomplished together without exclusion. We'll be disappointed to lose your business ma'am, but the sign will remain.”

After the company’s response, the story went viral -- prompting the Ground-A-Bout to post a status of their own thanking people for their support.

“While this is obviously not a way one hopes to gain exposure for their business, it's apparent that this has struck a chord with many people. While not getting any further into anything political, we want to thank you. We cannot express our gratitude enough to our peeps!” they wrote.

Photo Credit: Brandi Nicole Wilson/Facebook, Ammodramus/Wikimedia Commons

Photo Credit: Brandi Nicole Wilson/Facebook, Ammodramus/Wikimedia Commons

Many readers criticized Wilson for speaking out against the coffee shop in the manner that she did.

“You little girl need to grow up. The only reason it is threatening to you is if you are guilty of something other than stupidity. You said it yourself, every bodies money is as good as the next. But if your not smart enough to understand this or your just trying to bully a business, take your business elsewhere. All the other customers won't mind,” one reader commented on Facebook.

“Police officers are black too. Is she blind? Oh, that's it only non cop black lives matter. Get a life, don't do the crime and no one with bother you!” another added.

Sources: Brandi Nicole Wilson/Facebook

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