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Woman 'Offended' After Getting Kicked Out Of Restaurant Over 'Inappropriate' Outfit

Note: we are republishing this story in light of recent reports that show more and more women around the country are challenging what it means for clothing to be “inappropriate” and fighting back against “conservative” dress codes. 

Italian backpacker Martina Corradi took to Facebook to express her bafflement after she was kicked out of a restaurant because of her “inappropriate” outfit.

She stated that she felt "embarrassed and offended" following the incident at Bondi Beach, Australia.

According to the Daily Star, Martina, dressed in a grey crop top and white trousers, was approached by a restaurant staff member while she was with her boyfriend. She stated that the staff member told her that her dress was inappropriate, and that it wasn’t how she should dress in front of other customers in a restaurant.

The couple was left speechless, and Martina posted about the incident, writing that the restaurant was by the beach. She asked others for their thoughts on the matter.

Her Facebook post read: "I just want an opinion from outside even because I felt very embarrassed and offended at the same time. We did the sign in and we took a sit at the terrace outside, under the sun. The waitress as soon as I took a sit she said that I’m not well dressed and this is not acceptable to stay in a place like that. Me and my boyfriend we looked at her and we didn’t know what to say. We were shocked!"

"She called the manager and she asked him to tell me that this is now how I should dress to go to a restaurant, front of everyone!” she added. “I just want an opinion. I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy. Even because, come on we are in COVID time, where restaurants are empty, how can you even think to kick someone out for a stupid thing like that."

Photo Credit: Twitter/Abs

Photo Credit: Twitter/Abs

Some commenters slammed the restaurant, and expressed their support for Martina.

One person wrote: "Ridic, you look great - it would be inappropriate for the office but not restaurant by the beach."

Commenting on the Bondi Local Loop Facebook page, someone else wrote: "Not offensive at all. Just ridiculous. You look so beautiful."

Photo Credit: Twitter/Abs

Photo Credit: Twitter/Abs

A third added: "Nope you look just fine - ESPECIALLY for the context of Bondi beach restaurant!!"

However, someone else stated that her outfit would have been against the dress code in some restaurants.

Sources: Mirror

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