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Woman Notices NFL Coach Slip His Hand Into His Pants, Quickly Realize What He’s Doing

Photo Credit: TMZ

Photo Credit: TMZ

A photo from an NFL game showing a coach urinating on the sideline has gone viral online.

WJBK reports that Lions fan Laura Snyder-Stephens spotted the special teams coordinator for the opposing team, the Washington Redskins, urinating on the sidelines during the game. Stephens then snapped a photo of Ben Kotwica doing his thing.

In the photo, Kotwica can be seen urinating into a Gatorade cup he holds over a trash can.

Stephens was attending the game with her two children. She took the photo and shared it on social media with the following caption: "I can't help myself but we were in the second row on the Redskins side that could take this pic of the Redskins coach peeing."

The incident occurred during the third quarter of the game; the Lions eventually went on to win.

Detroit wide receiver Golden Tate said it is not uncommon for players or coaches to relieve themselves on the sideline, but that Kotwica went about it the wrong way. "However, that's not the way," he said. "Usually an equipment guy or the trainers have bags with sanitizing wipes and they cover you up with Gatorade towels. You are usually behind something tall where only you can see your private parts.”

TMZ adds that Kotwica was the second Redskins coach to urinate in that exact spot during the game, where fans could see the act.

TMZ also reports that Kotwica is not in any trouble and will not face any disciplinary action by the team. 

Sources: WJBK, TMZ

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