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Restaurant Employee Chooses To Run Her Mouth Over Doing Her Job

There is a difference between enforcing your rights and doing your job. This difference was the only thing Sara Hernandez needed to keep her job at Texas Roadhouse. 

Sara instead of doing her job decided to skip it and focused on gossiping with her colleague at work. Unknown to her, her boss was just a distance away from her and was able to hear everything Sara Hernandez had to say to her co-worker. Her boss concerned who was obviously concerned as to why Sara opted to run her mouth instead of doing her job decided to confront Sara and find out why. It was at this point that Sara messed it up because even though it would have been easier to just apologize and get on with her job. Sara opted to make demands for her entitlement which didn't go down well with her boss.

This was not an isolated incident as Sara would frequently talk down co-workers, the boss and the restaurant as a whole to her colleagues in Spanish. Her employer being subtle, was just very much concerned about Sara doing her job and that was why she had to order Sara to get back to work. Sara is, however, one person who doesn't like to be told what to do and this is quite funny because if she sees herself as that kind of person, then she shouldn't see herself working for or under anyone.

Was The Manager Wrong For Sending Sara Home?

Even though it was the initial wrong attitude to work on Sara's path and the subsequent defiance she showed her boss who had just politely told her to get back to work that made her employer send her home, Sara felt her employer acted wrongly. To this effect, she filed a suit against the restaurant claiming that she didn't deserve such and that according to her claim, she has her right to freedom of speech provided for by the First Amendment.

This, however, didn't make any sense at all because it is not wrong to ask you to speak English in a place like the US especially when you are working for a business whose language of relating with customers is in English. Also even though the First Amendment provides for freedom of speech, it doesn't translate to 'speak always in place of doing what should be done'. Even though Sara clearly doesn't have a case here, the restaurant isn't looking to fire her because they do not want her to have any case.

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