Woman Learns The Hard Way What Happens When You Sleep Around With Other Women's Husbands (Photos)


A woman was stripped naked and beaten by a mob of women on a busy street in China after it was discovered that she had slept with another woman’s husband.

Lin Yao Li was kicked in the groin and breasts on a busy street in the city of Puyang in eastern China’s Henan Province—but police never came came.

The attackers ripped off her clothing and pulled her hair as the 38-year-old woman screamed and writhed.

The attack was allegedly carried out by the scorned wife of the man Lin has been accused of sleeping with; the wife was aided by her three friends.

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Mail Online reports that onlookers described the fight as an “argument of the heart,” which also served as the reason why no one else intervened on her behalf.

Local man Jun Feng, 30, helped the woman when he spotted her lying on the ground after the attackers left. Feng told local TV that “This type of thing is becoming quite normal.”

“Angry wives and girlfriends get their revenge on their cheating men by attacking the other woman,” Feng said.

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Lin allegedly begged someone to call an ambulance; at the hospital, she was treated for cuts, severe bruising and shock.

A similar attack happened last month in Jinan city in Eastern China’s Shandong Province: three women were recorded wearing stilettos as they stamped on a woman they accused of being a mistress and of making the husband cheat.

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Photo Source: Mail OnlineScallywag and Vagabond


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