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Woman Heading To McDonald’s Notices Gagged Dog Outside, Steps Closer, Makes Disturbing Discovery


In Tucson, Arizona there is a dog killer on the loose. One viewer of KGUN9 submitted pictures of a canine that had been abused, possibly tortured, and left for dead on the city’s east side. The witness’s name was Shawna Moore, and she decided to share the tip with the local media so they could help find the dog killer and bring the person to justice.

After Shawn found the tragedy, she snapped photos of the deceased and tortured animal and sent them to the news source. She also shared her story with KGUN9, which said:


“I was on my way to the McDonald’s and stopped when I saw a dog laying in a recliner set out for donation. I thought it was a stuffed dog, a toy. I got closer and noticed its mouth was gagged shut with a sock and there was blood soaked on the sock. A few other people stopped too, and one of them called 911, but they transferred her to animal control.

“She had to leave, but I got her name and number. The animal control came at the same time as the donation collection truck. Animal control checked for a chip, and the dog did have one. They said they will investigate the owner. No contact info was collected. They just put the dog in a black trash bag. SO I decided to call KGUN9.”

Because local authorities were not doing enough to find the Tucson dog killer, Shawna Moore took it upon herself to keep the ball rolling and to get more people involved in figuring out what happened.

After she submitted the horrible images and her story to the news station, she was contacted for further questions, which she was happy to answer.


“Its mouth had a sock wrapped around it, and it was drenched in blood. It was lifeless,” she said.

Because she thought it was a stuffed dog toy left on the recliner for donation, she didn’t think much about it. But when she got closer, she realized it was a dead dog that had been tortured and killed.

“I just – I can’t get this image out of my mind.”

Pina Animal Care Center has opened an investigation into the dead dog. They are working to track down the canine’s owners so they can find the Tucson dog killer responsible.

Because the dog’s condition was very bad, PACC is treating the incident as a matter of animal cruelty.

“We’re actively working with TPD to bring justice to this poor dog,” said Jose Ocano, PACC’s director of operations. This cruelty case is devastating to our community, and we won’t rest until justice is served.”

Moore is a dog owner herself, so she was particularly pained when she saw the victim of the Tucson dog killer.

“I was just so scared. Just imagining that something like this could happen to (my three dogs),” she said.

Moore wants justice, but she also doesn’t know if she can handle the truth. It might be too cruel and twisted for her to stomach.

What do you think about this tragedy in Tucson?

Sources: KGUN / Photo Credit: Post Image

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