Woman Claims She Was 'Asked To Leave' Gym Because Her Outfit Was 'Too Revealing'

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Photo Credit: News Today

Photo Credit: News Today

Gabi Goddard, a fashion blogger from Hornsby, was left outraged after she was asked to leave the gym because a school teacher had complained about her outfit.

She stated that she was working out at the gym on Friday when a staff member approached her and told her she had to go home and change her outfit if she wanted to finish her session.

When she asked why, she was told that a teacher supervising a group of teenage students at the gym was concerned about “the children seeing so much skin.”

Photo Credit: News Today

Photo Credit: News Today

She posted the story on her Instagram stories, explaining to her followers it had been a hot day at the gym, which had no air conditioning.

She posted a screenshot of the complaint she emailed to the principal of the school where the teacher worked, stating that it was out of line for the teacher to interfere with what women chose to wear.

“I am horrified that your school has sway over the clothing choices (and freedom to exercise) of an independent adult woman,” she wrote. “Moreover, your school is perpetuating the values (with real life consequences) that are demonstrably harmful. Namely that we live in a world where 14-year-old boys are given priority over women. Where women are punished for boy's and men's propensity for objectifying women.”

She stated that as a paying client, she couldn’t understand why the school’s membership appeared to have “more influence” compared to hers. 

Photo Credit: News Today

Photo Credit: News Today

She stated that her outfit was in “no way gratuitous” nor did it violate any dress codes, and that she had never received a single complaint in countless other gyms.

She concluded by writing that it was “discouraging” that the issue was brought up by a teacher “charged with molding our next generation into well-round (sic) adults.”

The Australian feminist Clementine Ford posted the screenshot of the email on her Instagram page, The Nasty Woman Club, which attracted comments from dozens of followers.

One person wrote: “This stuff drives me crazy, I wouldn't want my daughter being told what to wear by a stranger.”

Others stated that it was “infuriating” and “unacceptable” and inquired about supporting Goddard's complaint against the school.

Photo Credit: News Today

Photo Credit: News Today

Other questioned why the owner or manager of the gym had not intervened on Goddard's behalf.

Goddard stated that she was aware that the owners of the gym have been struggling financially because of the forced COVID-19 closures and that she didn't want to involve them in case it jeopardized their contract with the school.

However, she still switched gyms.

On Saturday, she posted a video of herself working out in a different gym, wearing striped leggings and a blue crop top. She captioned the picture: “Don't look at my bum though.”

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