Woman 'Body-Shamed' After Video Of Her Rescue From Icy Lake Surfaces Online

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Korisa Miller was fishing with a friend on Monday afternoon when she lost her footing and fell off the dock.

She slipped off the ice and found herself submerged in the 36-degree lake water up to her chin. In minutes, she was numb and couldn’t feel her legs. Other fishermen who were nearby held on to her while they waited for police to respond.

The Macomb County Sheriff’s office posted a bodycam video on Facebook showing the responding officer trying to pull Miller back to the dock.

She can be heard pleading: "Help me. I'm numb. I'm completely numb. I'm stuck."

After 15 minutes, she was finally pulled to safety.

The Facebook post received a multitude of negative comments, with trolls insulting Miller’s weight and making fun of the harrowing situation in the video.

However, some people chose to support Miller, with one person writing: "Thank god they got her out in time and shame on the people criticizing her body shape."

Speaking to Good Morning America, Miller said, "The trolls out there need to realize that there are people that will stand up for themselves ... You need to bring people up instead of tearing people down."

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Inside Edition

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