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Woman Asks To 'Use Restroom' In 94-Year-Old Veteran's House, Camera Catches Her Bad Intent

Photo Credit: Inside Edition

Photo Credit: Inside Edition

Note: we are republishing this story amid the surge in crime America is currently facing amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Surveillance camera from Thomas Hendrix’s home in Douglas, Georgia, showed Heather Weldon walking into the home with her two children, and a man in tow. Police are investigating the events caught on camera soon after.

Hendrix, a 94-year-old retired US Navy veteran, let in the family of four. His live-in caretaker was not present in the home at the time.

The video shows the man and the two children heading into another room with Hendrix while Weldon stayed behind to use the restroom.

However, she is seen taking Hendrix’s wallet, opening it and taking money out. According to police, she took $40.

She then stuffs the money into her dress before walking to the bathroom and flushing the toilet.

Neil DeLoach, Hendrix’s caretaker and housemate for 10 years, stated that he wasn’t home at the time, and did not know the people who entered the home.

He told WISTV: “Well, first of all, I didn't know who they were. I was kind of panicking. I knew Mr. Hendrix didn't know them.”

He added: “It kind of scared me that I've got security cameras all over the property that you can see and they still came right in and you know, very brave. And that's what scares me about the whole situation, people are just brave.”

According to police, they found Weldon after she posted a video on Facebook and tried to defend herself in the comments under the surveillance video from Hendrix’s home.

She commented on the video: “I did not steal from him it was all a big misunderstanding. I done spoke with the man and everything is took care of!!”

She could be facing a misdemeanor charge of theft.

Sources: The Daily Mail

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