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Woman Allegedly 'Punches' 12-Year-Old Boy For Carrying 'Controversial' Political Sign

The Colorado Police are investigating an assault on a 12-year-old boy by a woman. The assault occurred because the boy was carrying a Trump sign while riding his bicycle.

According to Boulder Police; they had to respond to a report of an assault which occurred at Folsom and Greenwood on Monday.

According to A statement from the boy’s father, Jesse Rosales, to The Denver Channel. He said that the woman confronted his son after he rode past her on a moped.

In his account to the father, the 12-year-old expressed that the woman said “You want something to look at?” before hitting him many times on the back of his head and arms.

The father said his kid was not seriously hurt during the incident, yet had a scratch on his arm which “burned”.

The police said that the female suspect was riding a grey or blue moped when she saw the boy with the sign. The law further stated that the woman then made a U-turn and “began assaulting him because of his political banner.” She also tried to remove the banner, but she was unsuccessful.

The suspect is said to be a white female in her 20s or 30s. At the time, the woman in question was wearing a tan jacket, blue shirt and blue jeans. A Boulder Police blotter said the father of the victim was made aware of this situation and it is still under investigation.

The boy in question reported that this is not the first time he has been targeted as a result of his support for the president, but this is the first time and adult is doing this to him.

The boy said he was holding the Trump lawn sign in his hands while riding the bike. However, the Denver Channel notes that this goes against the report from the Boulder police, which states the boy was holding a sign which displayed a support for Donald Trump on the back of his bike prior to the attack.

The boy said; “I like showing what I believe in; I didn’t want any conflict—I just wanted to show what I believe in.”

9news reported that the Republican National Committee released a statement urging the Colorado Democrats and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to “disavow this act of hatred and violence on a child.”.

Anyone with info on the suspect is asked to contact the Boulder Police Department on (303) 441-3333.

Sources: America Now

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