Here's Why You Should Always Check Bathroom Mirrors

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In the digital age, many people worry about their online security but can forget about their privacy in the real world. Now, a case in Chattanooga, Tennessee, has many people thinking twice.

Justin Jamar Wilson, 21, pleaded guilty to putting a spy camera in the bathroom of a Chattanooga bar. The camera contained not only footage from the bathroom in which it was found, but also from other restrooms in the area.

Wilson was arrested and has since been sentenced to up to a year in jail, but now local residents are worried about their safety and privacy in restrooms and other public settings.

With the advancement of technology, unfortunately, comes new ways for people carry out attacks on people's privacy, though older techniques such as two-way mirrors still present concerns in some public restrooms and dressing rooms.

According to AWM, there are ways to check public mirrors for privacy violations by checking how the mirror is mounted to the wall. If a mirror is hanging from the wall, it is likely to be safe, but if the mirror is mounted flush against the wall with no edges, there is a strong possibility that something may be hiding behind it.

If it is not possible to tell by simply looking at a mirror, try tapping on it. If the mirror sounds hollow, then is it possible that there is an opening on the other side where somebody may have hidden a device.

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