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When You See What’s In Front Of These Women, You’ll Understand Why Some Are Calling Them Heroes

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Over the last month, the Florida coastline was wrecked. Trash and bottles litter the sand, and it appears that a hurricane came ashore and destroyed a beer bottle factory or lifted up junk from a landfill. However, there was no “natural disaster” that touched down in Florida recently. It was just spring break. But now a few bikini-clad women are walking around the beach, cleaning up after the reckless and disgusting tourists who came to Florida and left behind the effects of their drunken revelry.

The eco-warriors, who were spotted wearing bikinis, scoured the beaches of Florida looking for trash and recyclables that they could pick up and throw away.


The group has a name, which is the Bikini Beach Cleanup Group. They are always happy to help maintain the beauty that is Florida’s beaches. Without the beautiful sandy shores, Florida would not be as much of a desirable tourist destination as it is.

The group spent their weekend picking up trash and debris left behind by the drunken spring break visitors. They started in Fort Lauderdale and immediately became a sensation on social media. As things started to heat up at the cleanup, dozens of other supporters rushed to the sand to help the Bikini Beach Cleanup Group do what they do best – beautify the sandy shores of Florida.


Because Florida sees an influx of party animals during spring break, they are left to clean up the mess these revelers leave behind. Ashley Ricardo was one of the bikini-clad women helping to keep Florida’s beaches clean and was happy to do it, but wishes that people would learn to clean up after themselves.

“Today didn’t go as smoothly as I would’ve liked it to go. It was a madhouse with Spring Breakers, other festivals, closed parking lots, traffic, etc. Plus, I forgot some things I really wanted for clean up, but we all showed up and did it!” Ricardo wrote.


Because people who come to Florida don’t always respect the state, the shores get bombarded with trash and other debris that people like Ricardo need to clean up.

“A great group of people who care came together for a beautiful evening of service. We spoke of a world where people were more aware of the impact they leave behind. A place where all animals swam and ran free from trash and pollution. Then we got up and put in the work and cleaned the beach for 30 minutes, recycled the bottles, and cans and disposed of the rest.”


Although they only put in a half-hour’s work, the Bikini Beach Cleanup Group did a good job and got a lot of trash off the sand.

When people started to see all the good work these women were doing, they were eager to share their comments on social media and applaud people like this who work hard to serve the community.


Bikini Bloc, the swimwear company, supports the cleanup effort.


Ricardo wants people to take more pride in their environment. If it takes Florida women in bikinis to do it, she’s all for it!

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Post Image

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