When Dog Realizes What Family Is Doing To Her, She Makes The Saddest Face Ever

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Having a pet is a huge commitment. Whether it is a dog, a cat, a lizard, or a bunny, pets require a lot of love and attention. They also live for a decade or more, depending, and are with you for the long-haul. That means that if people don’t think they’ll be able to have a pet for their full lifespan, it might make more sense to wait until life has calmed down enough for you to have it.

But things change. Sometimes a family thinks they’ll be able to handle a puppy, only to find out that they’re not cut out for the responsibility. Or perhaps the family has to move and the location they move to refuses to allow dogs or cats.


But when one family abandoned their dog Electra at the shelter, the photo of her sad face proved that she missed her family and wished they had not left her behind.

Thankfully, her family dropped her off at an animal shelter, unlike some people who simply throw their dogs out on the street and hope they’ll fend for themselves.


When the owners dropped Electra, a 3-year-old pit bull off at the Inland Humane Society in California, the dog knew exactly what was happening. She could sense that her family was abandoning her, excising her from their lives. And she was as sad as sad can be.

“There seemed to be no reason (to abandon her),” Tiffany Tan told the Dodo. She is the person who helped save Electra from euthanization and the founder of JL Rescue. “She hadn’t bitten anybody. They just took her to the shelter.”

The family was sick and tired of the responsibility of owning a pet and wanted freedom. They didn’t care that Electra loved them – they were done.


“She was just so sad,” Tan said. “I really believe that sometimes they realize they’ve been left, and they give up.”

Electra wanted to be with her beloved family, but they abandoned her, and that left her with a broken heart.

Tan found the photo of Electra after someone had shared it on social media. It was obvious from the image that the dog was extremely sad that she’d been abandoned. She had trusted her family, and they had left her to rot.


“Someone I know had posted her picture from Facebook on (Next Door). I couldn’t stand it,” Tan said. “I was like, ‘Oh my god, we’ve got to go get this dog.’”

And Tan did. She followed through with her word, unlike the family who had promised Electra a forever home and then pulled their promise out from under her like a dirty rug.


When Tan came to Electra, she managed to save her from the kill shelter. Before long, a friend of Tan, Adriane Silvano, offered to foster Electra until they could find her a forever home.

As soon as Electra had someone to love, her world turned around. She was happy again.


“She became a completely different dog,” Tan said. “She was happy. She was on the couch. She wanted to snuggle. She was just the sweetest thing ever.”

Sources: The Dodo / Photo Credit: Post Image

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