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Our planet is genuinely magnificent and enthral with beautiful landscape and water mass. While we’ve been accustomed to the reposeful sounds of gentle waves hitting the shoreline, there is a potential hazards in the ocean that is not much talked about: square waves

These waves are referred to as “cross sea”, and they are formed when waves collide from different angles and form square in the ocean.

While this waves is entertaining to the eyes, it can be pretty dangerous for anyone caught up in it, including boats, surfers and particularly swimmers.

Pictures of square waves can be very pleasing to the eye. And by the look of it, one wouldn’t see the danger in it. But in areas where “cross sea” are common, residents would beg to differ.

It sure does look harmless and peaceful on the surface, but underwater, the currents are very powerful and can capsize and throw large ships off balance.

This is because, boats are made to hit currents head on, so there’s no escape if waves are coming from different angles.

Experts warns that one must always stay out of the ocean and warn others if you see the criss cross waves. Instead, enjoy them from afar, or by watching them in clips.

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