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What Dog Does Is So Gross That Cat Pukes Immediately


Everybody poops. It doesn’t matter what type of animal it is, poop is an essential part of being alive. Living beings need to excrete the waste products that the body produces. But not only do animals and people have a lot going on inside their bodies, but they also need to deal with the gases that build-up in the system. However, one dog proved that it was not afraid to let the gases rip – even if the consequences were dire.

Dogs are usually very friendly and great companions to human beings. That’s why they’re called man’s best friend. However, in this story, you’ll hear about a dog who decided to put that friendship to the test. Not only did it rip a fart that was loud – it was FOUL. The smell was so bad that the stinky gas made the cat, who also lived in the home, could not hold onto its lunch.


That’s right. The dog’s fart was so disgusting, the smell made the house cat puke instantly.

In the YouTube video, which was uploaded online by Rex Cymru, the dog released a “butt sneeze’ that made the cate puke. If you don’t think that a dog can produce a smell that bad, you’re going to need to watch this video to learn otherwise.

No matter what mood you’re in, you’re going to love this video and bring a smile to your lips. The video is going to warm your heart and make you smile because it is downright hilarious to watch the cat get victimized by the dog’s smelly fart.

Because this video was absolutely hilarious, people could not get enough of it. They’ve watched it many, many times – some people more than once. And if you are a fan of animals, then you’re going to like this video, because it is a hilarious clip that’s going to make people laugh out loud.

People shared dozens of comments, including the following:

“This is the single greatest video ever,” one person wrote.


People do think that this video is one of the best clips on YouTube right now. And if you’re going to watch it, then you might agree.

One person shared a reaction about the cat throwing up, “Saying ‘Nooo!’ when a cat is about to throw up only makes it come up faster.”

Some people believe that the title of the video, which is a simple clip that said, “Dog fart cat puke,” did not make people click. It was the stuff inside the video that did it. That proves that the content is what makes people interested in a video. A great title will only go so far as increasing clickability.

If you love animal videos, this clip is going to make you laugh. You’re going to love this clip, and you’re going to love sharing it with your friends.

Take a few moments to watch this video now. You’re going to love watching it and smiling.

What do you think about this video? Did it make you laugh?

Sources: Ritely / Photo Credit: Post Image

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