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Website Allows Men to Review, Rate Prostitutes (Video)

The website, based in North Texas, allows men to rate and review local prostitutes (video below).

According to CBS Dallas-FortWorth, the Texas Attorney General’s office is looking into the website, which calls itself the "Escort Client Community Information Exchange"

On, women can create a profile and their customers can rate their performance.

“I’m not amazed because I’ve seen worse ads and websites than this,” Jenny Ford, Human Trafficking Expert with ACH Child and Family Services, told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth. “It’s happening everywhere. I mean, you can call and get somebody delivered to your house, to your apartment, or to a hotel.”

Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security often look at sites such as to check for potential sex trafficking.

However, shutting down the website is almost impossible because free speech is protected under the First Amendment.

“A lot of these internet websites are reflective of pure prostitution,”said David Marwell, ICE Special Agent In Charge. “Some of these websites have actual legitimate ways of means and services that they produce. So having these websites, looking into this aspect of the websites, doesn’t necessarily make the entire website seizable or being able to close it down.”

State Senator Leticia Van De Putte has authored SB94, a bill that would criminalize using websites such as

“We know the internet is a problem,” Van De Putte said. “But what’s happened with these internet sites is that they’ve become advertising, money making ventures. This is not your prostitute standing on your street corner. This is online solicitation.”

Van De Putte’s bill (SB94) was approved in the state senate and now goes to the state house.

Source: CBS Dallas-FortWorth and


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