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Watch What This Cyclist And His Passenger Collide With That Makes Them Run For Their Lives (Video)

A terrifying moment was caught on CCTV camera in Telangana, Southern India when two men encountered a dangerous snake. According to the footage, which was widely shared on social media, a man with his passenger was riding a bicycle when a spectacled cobra rushed across the road and lodged itself within the spokes of their bicycle.

A frantic moment for both the riders and the snake


Interestingly, the men seemed not to notice the snake as it rushed across the road. Indeed, the snake flew across at an incredible speed and suddenly got taken up into the moving bicycle.

The CCTV footage shows the men suddenly jolt as they scramble to get away from the reptile. The passenger, who was sitting sideways, leaped from the bicycle and sped away toward the direction from which they had come.

However, the man at the bicycle’s helm was not as lucky. The footage shows the man frantically lifting his legs as the snake swung its head in apparent desperation. Finally, the man succeeds to fling the bicycle to the ground and rushes away from the scene.

Luckily, none of the men were injured, however, there was slight damage inflicted to the bicycle. Nonetheless, the incident left the men terrified.

Snake encounters are something fairly common in the country

According to a local, the breed of the snake was not immediately clear, however, it could have been a spectacled cobra. Also, the witness recounted that the men looked completely shaken from the experience.

Interestingly, it seems that snake encounters are not a rarity in India. In late March 2017, a five-foot cobra caused a scare in Ghaziabad after it was discovered hiding in the front wheel of a motorcycle. In this incident, a NGO specializing in handling snakes had to be called to take care of the situation.

According to reports, it took Wildlife SOS (the NGO) around 30 minutes to remove the snake from the motorcycle. After that, they transferred the snake to a natural habitat where it is still under close watch.

"The Cobra is about 5 feet long. We request people not to handle any wild animal or reptile as it can prove to be dangerous, especially in cases involving large reptiles," said Kartick Satyanarayan, the co-founder of Wildlife SOS.

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail, Hindustantimes / Photo Credit: Mirror

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