Watch The Crazy Thing This Guy Does Before Being Arrested Following A Hot Pursuit (Video)

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Police car chases are a familiar sight in the San Fernando Valley, however, this incident was definitely out of the ordinary. Here we recount when a hot pursuit ended with a man exiting his car followed by a brief breakdance for police.

The suspect breakdanced before being handcuffed

According to a video released by police, the chase was quite slow relative to other police pursuits. The suspect kept the deputies following him at a speed of less than 60 miles per hour. The video shows the chase commencing around Calabasas after the driver went rogue and sped past officers commanding him to stop.

Immediately afterwards, the California Highway Patrol unit sprang into action and launched a pursuit of the suspect. Fortunately for them, the rogue driver did not have a need for speed. The man took the 101 Freeway into the San Fernando Valley and then proceeded to get onto the 405 freeway until branching off to the east.

Police patiently waited for their chance to derail the driver after he decreased his speed to merely 20 miles per hour. Once off of Laurel Canyon Boulevard, police swung into action with a skillful PIT maneuver that finally derailed the driver. Sensing the vanity of his escape, the driver exited with his hands held up as instructed. With many guns pointed at him, the driver took his last few seconds of freedom to breakdance before officers slapped handcuffs on his wrists.

Hot pursuits are a commonality in San Fernando Valley

This incident comes just weeks after another man tore through the San Fernando Valley with police on his tail. The incident took place in the evening hours of Monday, March 4. This was one of the most dramatic car chases so far this year with the driver crashing into two vehicles before being apprehended.

According to police reports, the man was suspected of having stolen the car he was driving and refused to obey instructions to surrender. Notably, the man initially got away from authorities at the Mission Division of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). A car chase then ensued through the San Fernando Valley which left pedestrians and other drivers startled. However, the pursuit got nerve-wracking when a likely vigilante jumped into the fray.

At 9:30pm in the evening, the chase finally ended in Panorama City. Police cuffed the suspect and took him to a nearby jail. Police said they ended up arresting the vigilante as well.

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