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Washington NFL Franchise Announces Temporary Team Name

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

Earlier this month, the Washington NFL franchise retired its name and logo, and announced on Thursday that they had a new temporary name, “Washington Football Team.”

The name will be a placeholder until the franchise comes up with a new official team name. However, the classic burgundy and gold color scheme will stay.

The logo on the helmets will be changed, replaced by player numbers as the franchise relies on the players and community members to pick a more permanent solution.

On Monday, Terry Bateman was hired as the executive vice president and chief marketing officer to oversee the name change and re-branding process.

In the meantime, Washington Football Team merchandise are available for sale as the franchise is looking to remove all traces of the former logo from physical and online spaces before the season-opener on Sept. 13 against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The franchise started in Boston in 1932 and has had the name Redskins since 1933.

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

The team faced pressure to retire the name and logo because of the racist connotations associated with the symbol. This was the beginning of trouble for the team because shortly after Dan Snyder, the majority owner, announced the name change, a Washington Post article was published, featuring several detailed sexual harassment allegations against the organization leveled by 15 former female employees.

If an investigation into the allegations concludes they are true, the league is expected to consider fines and other disciplinary measures against the organization. However, reports published last week stated that Snyder wouldn’t be forced to sell as part of the repercussions.

Sources: America Now

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