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Was Dad Who Killed His Whole Family, Chris Watts, Secretly Gay?

Photo Credit: Post Image

Photo Credit: Post Image

Note: we are republishing this story in light of recent reports this year that many women send the convicted murderer, Chris Watts, “racy” letters while he’s in jail. More on this here:

As more people learn about the atrocious crimes Chris Watts has admitted to committing, more people realize that they know him from somewhere. Now both men and women in prison have come forward to admit that they’ve engaged in sexual affairs with Watts. However, after the rumor surfaced that Watts had a gay relationship with escort Trent Bolte for more than a year, the professed serial killer denied it.

But Botle is not the only man coming forward to share intimate details about a gay love affair. Another man has told news outlets that he engaged in a sexual relationship with Watts after the pair met at a rehab clinic. However, Watts is now denying that claim as well.

Photo Credit: Post Image

Photo Credit: Post Image

Although Watts, who confessed to killing his wife and two little daughters, will serve the rest of his life in prison, he denies that he engaged in sexual relationships with men.

Botle told investigators that he engaged in a year-long sexual relationship with Watts while he was still married to his wife. Although Botle shared the intimate details with his affair with Watts, the convicted killer denies it to the bitter end. It would not be good for his image in prison if such a rumor was taken to be true.

While Botle was telling investigators about his homosexual relationship with Watts, a second man came forward to describe the intimate details of their sexual connection.

Watts fervently denied that he knew the man from the rehab group and said he did not have sexual intercourse with him.

Photo Credit: Post Image

Photo Credit: Post Image

Investigators also mentioned that another woman came forward alleging that she had a sexual connection to Watts as well. Her name is Amanda McMahon, but he denies her claim that they had a one night stand as well.

Watts claimed that he only ever cheated on his wife with Nichol Kessinger and never had sexual relations with McMahon or the men who have come forward.

Regardless of Watts’s sexual proclivities, the fact remains that he killed his pregnant wife and then murdered his two daughters in what is without a doubt one of the most twisted and brutal crimes of recent memory.

On Twitter, Trent Bolte wrote, “I didn’t know he was gonna murder his family when I was with him.”

Watts address the alleged affairs with the men. He said that his lawyer, John Walsh, informed him about the allegations against him.

“Walsh had told me about one dude from Wyoming,” Watts said.

Photo Credit: Post Image

Photo Credit: Post Image

“Trent,” the investigators responded.

“Yeah, that guy,” Watts admitted before laughing.

The official then admitted that interviewing Trent had been a “waste of our lives.”

The official did explain that despite that opinion no one tried to “jam up” or “judge” the fact that Watts might have had homosexual relations. He asked again if he had been with Trent.

Watts said, “I’ve never been with a guy.”

Bolte first met with federal agents on August 29 and told them about how Watts first reached out to him via on the MessageMe app, complimenting him on his lips.

Who do you believe?

Sources: Daily Mail Online 

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